Friday, December 26, 2014

Karnataka Tourism

Information of Tourism Department(s), Karnataka

Department of Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka

#49, 2nd Floor, Khanija Bhavan,
Race Course Road, Bangalore - 560001
Tel - 080 - 2235 2828
email -

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation

(For tour packages / KSTDC Hotels)
Badami House Main Booking Office & Tour Starting point (06:00 hrs to 20:30 hrs)
Opp. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Office
N.R. Square, Bangalore - 560002
Tel - 080 - 4334 4334, 4334 4337
email -,

Jungle Lodges and Resorts

(For Wildlife Safari and Packages)
Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd.
Ground Floor, West Entrance, Khanija Bhavan
Race Course Road, Bangalore - 560001
Tel - 080 - 4055 4055
email -

The Golden Chariot

(For luxury train tour packages)
No. 8, Tourism House Pappanna Lane
St. Marks Road, Bangalore - 560001
Tel - 080 - 4346 4342 / 43 / 44
email -

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Road Trip # 2013 - Exploring cities along Kaveri River

Travel is not bound by any month or weather for a true traveler. I too always try to grab any opportunity knocking and trying to get in #MeAndMySuitcase to go exploring.

It was 2013 August, the month when monsoon is at its peak. It was my friend's wedding in Kerala, when I thought of clubbing it with visiting Bangalore at my cousin's.

I broke my journey from Mumbai to Kerala at Bangalore for 2 days and explored the place and around. Me, bro and a friend, one car and a long road. We covered Bangalore - Shivasamudram Falls - Talakad - Mysore - Bangalore in just 2 days.



Shivasamudram falls is located in Mandya District and is the second biggest waterfall in India. Situated on the banks of Kaveri River, it is the location of one of the first electric Power stations in Asia, set up in the year 1902.

The island town of Shivasamudra divides the river into twin waterfalls viz Gaganachukki and Bharachukki which are just a km apart.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Masoomiyat ka katleaam

हाथों  में  हथियार, ज़ुबान  तेज़  तर्रार 
दिल  नही  उसका  और  दिमाग  में  कड़वाहट  का  बूरा 

जिहाद  के  नाम  पर, खूनी  दस्तावेज़  लिखते 
बस  कॉम  कॉम  करके, खुदा  के  नाम  को  बदनाम करते जाते 

Monday, December 15, 2014

On the Trail of Western Madhya Pradesh - Day 1

Have you ever thought of a marathon trip? Well I am used to doing it. Less days and more places to cover, after all life is short and there is so much to see.

Well wanderlust never ceases to leave me and yes I am quite happy with that. With every new place I check, in my list or not; it starts all over again. R&D on the place, planning trip, itinerary, food etc., gives me a sense of containment. 

My 6th trip of the year 2014, I planned to visit heart of India - Central India with my family. With a weekend in hand we planned on visiting 5 places viz. Ujjain, Mandav, Maheshwar, Omkareshwar and Indore. Yes it is possible. 

Our journey at a glimpse

DAY 1 - A Day in UJJAIN - an ancient Indian city, situated on the eastern bank of the Shipra River.

Known as many names Ujjain, Ujjayini, Avanti, Avantika, Avantikapuri; the city dates back to an era of Mahabharata. It also has a mention in Buddhist Literature and was the capital of Avanti Kingdom. Ujjain is one of the four places to hold Kumbh Mela. The city is full of temples but is much famous for Mahakaleshwar Temple and also as a place where Lord Krishna, Balrama and Sudama, received their education from Maharishi Sandipani.

If legend is to be believed its a drop of nectar which spilled and fell on Ujjain from the pot containing nectar of mortality (Refer Samudramanthan) which makes it a sacred city. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Book Review of "The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret"

What is that ancient secret? Are you ready to face the truth?

The Book

334 BC 

Alexander the Great begin his quest for the secret of God on the basis of the myths of "The Mahabharata".

Present Day

In Greece, ancient tomb of the Queen is found. What is there, that the blood has been shed, people are shot, secrecy is kept to recover that "something"? How is it going to affect our present and change the future .

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A dream, which made my life!

One winter on a bright sunny day sitting in my porch, I saw an armoured rider leaping towards me. "Aura, unfathomable". On reaching, he got down from his black shiny horse, removed his helmet and extended his hand. Well groomed, twinkling eyes and the charm...


"Aankhein khuli ho ya band, deedar unka hota hai.." I got up with a smile on my face, switched off the alarm. "Err! Was that a dream?", I felt like going back to sleep. Reality struck, I had to rush to my college. 


Sunday, November 16, 2014


काश की हम यह समझ पाते, काश की हम यह कह पाते;
पर लबों तक लब्ज़ आते नहीं, दिल का दामन छोड़ पाते नहीं!

समय का न ठिकाना, न घर का कोई पता;
सुबह से शाम होने को है, रात की परछाई छूने को है !

Thursday, November 13, 2014

वॉट है !

लाइफ की तो लग गयी है वॉट 

कहाँ खो गए वह ठाठ 

काम न छोड़े साथ 

फिर भी ज़िंदा हैं, देनी पड़ेगी हमारी दात !

Saturday, November 01, 2014

दास्तां - ए - लाइफ

आकाश नीला हो या काला, फर्क एक किरण का है 

गंगा उल्टी बहे या सीधी , लोगों के इरादों का फ़साना है 

किस्मत तो है तारों का खेल, जीना अपनी इच्छाओं का पंचनामा है!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Healthy Child makes a Healthy Home

It's contagious, don't use the same utensils, towel, don't touch the handkerchief. These are some very common dialogues when someone falls ill. In a family when one person fall ill, it becomes real easy for the germs and bacteria to attack the other members. Consequently the whole sickness programme gets activated in the house.

Starts doctor's visit, medication, skipping school, college, work etc; getting weak; mood swings and so on.

The web of sickness is not that easy to break but one can take precautions to not fall in the trap. How?

Behind the Scene

An Experience of Team Supernova in writing a Novel "The 16th Hour".

One day I get a mail saying register with Blogadda for #Celebrateblogging without any further details. I immediately registered thinking it is gonna be some blogging activity for sure. Little that i knew what's really in the kitty.

A few days later I again get a mail from Blogadda saying that randomly the teams have been made among registered members. The mail also contained the names and email ids of all the members and it said that we have to coordinate and write a story.
Story!? I scratched my head hard.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Garnier BB - A Beauty Benefit, Skin Perfector


Get up, get ready as fast as possible, grab the bag and leave for work. The mode is #MumbaiLocal, approximate 1 hour 45 minutes of train journey and rest on road. Pollution, Dirt, Sun, Heat and Sweat walk with you till you reach your destination. No matter how comfortable is the AC studded office cabins or how perfect the inside atmosphere is, the damage to your skin is already done in the 1st 2 hours and not to forget office to home is equally bad. Blemishes, Dryness, Dullness, Tanning and skin burn etc starts attacking you.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

राहों के मुसाफिर (Raahon ke Musafir)

आते  जाते  राहों  पर  निशां  छोड़  जाते  हैं  कुछ  लोग,

वापस  ना  आने  के  लिए  रास्ते  बदल,  आगे  बढ़  जाते  हैं  कुछ  लोग!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Chapter 20: Face to Face

SUPERNOVAA team of creative warriors pacing towards winning the goal by way of mystery writing.

Read the previous part of the story here.

"Trust, a difficult word these days", Shekhar was thinking to himself. It was already 3 in the morning and his eyes were wide open with worry. He had given too much information to Cyrus and Jennifer and now he was questioning his act of last few hours.

"What was the picture of Junior Sarkar doing in Jennifer's wallet and why is Cyrus taking so much time, what is he doing?" Shekhar stared at his watch. 

The noises, the whisper in the coach had slowed down by this time. But he could sense the fear in the atmosphere. The fear within him was now palpating, the two new revelations had shaken him.

Monday, September 29, 2014

#WordUp - The Saturday Fever

#WordUp Meet.

How does one feel when is not able to register for an Indiblogger's meet!? 

I experienced it this time. Within 12 hours 140 seats were full. #WordUp meet in @TheBLUEFrog, something I really wanted to attend. Really was hoping that somehow seats increase and one day fate was in my favour; only "1 seat left", i could see flashing. Logged in without wasting a second and yay, i got the seat.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chapter 14: She's the Fighter


A team of creative rebellions, with a mystery folded - unfolded in front of you.

Read the previous part of the story here.

The train was running non-stop. News was already broken. But no one knew why or how?
Hijacking a train is not a child's play. Different channels, different theories. Tara was tired flicking through news channels. Tara was tensed and Roohi was sleeping next to her. Suddenly Sarkar's phone rings, 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Halki halki barish...

हल्की  हल्की  बारिश, मौसम  है  सुहाना;
अच्छा  लगे  हमे  चिड़ियों  का  तराना!

घूमना  फिरना, मौज  मनाना;
भूलों  को  याद  करना  या  नये  कल  को सरहाना!

सुख  या  दुःख, वर्षा  ऋतु  है  एक  अजब खाजाना;
चाहो  वैसी  बन  जाए, यह  तो  है  एक बहाना!!

~ #TravelJunkie

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chapter 4: Mash Up


A team of creative rebellions, with a mystery folded - unfolded in front of you.

Read the previous part of the story here.

The phone on dashboard starts to vibrate. She puts it on bluetooth. Stunned by what she hears, suddenly applies the break. After hoons & haans she dials another number; "Shekhar are you alright? What has happened there?" Shekhar perplexed tries to calm her down on phone but all in vain. She suddenly lose her composure and burst into tears. Shekhar on the other side clueless trying to comprehend asks her again. Tara tells him that she just got a call from her informer that there was an attack planned on Rajdhani and has connection with local train accident in Mumbai.
Shekhar tells her that Rajdhani has just come to halt very dramatically but nothing has happened. Tara then tells him, "Someone tried kidnapping Roohi today." 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

#TravelJunkie ki kavita

दिन  हो  या  रात,  ज़िन्दगी  में  है  बस  काम  ही  काम ! 

चाहिए  थोड़ा आराम क्यूंकि  ज़िन्दगी  हो  गयी  है तमाम !!

नहीं  चाहते  हम  रुकना,  पर  थम  गयी  है  जान  इस  काम  के  चलते !

कब  आएगी  वह  सुबह,  जब  लगाएंगे  हम  दुनिया  के  चक्के !!

Monday, September 01, 2014

Store Review - UniverCell Sync

We live in a world where everyone demands comfort. No matter what and how, comfort takes the row in front.
And when something new comes you want first hand experience. Luckily, I got a chance with UniverCell; the elegant, the beauty, new attraction in town.
A crown in south's mobile mart has now entered western india.

A tech hub, a problem solver to all your mobile worries. This is a place which will not only give you a warm welcome but also the best service while you are there and after. You don't have to worry, just bombard your questions and you'll get all your answers.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Re - doing my Room with

A place which defines my style, my way of life, my individuality, my thinking and the most my personality is MY HOME, my ultimate Comfort Zone.
Home is where heart is and who doesn't care for Love. I too like to nurture my Home and try to make it perfect with my sense of Style which is CLASSIC. 
I love to keep things simple yet classy. Not so shiny yet eye catchy. 

Today when I got up and wandered through my Home Sweet Home, which I do every morning as a ritual; I thought why not gift it something. Its been long that I have brought home something new and now its time. So, without a second thought I started searching for options on internet. Then I found this amazing website I kept browsing and yes, there are a lot of good things.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Book Review: Rise of the Sun Prince

First of the 6 book series "Ramayana: The Game of Life" is "Rise of the Sun Prince". A tale retold by Shubha Vilas following closely Valmiki's and Kamba's Ramayana for modern audiences.


We are a huge population with different thinking and perception. Some of us like thrill while some are comfortable with the predictability and a smooth sailing life. But this book won't give you the smooth ride, instead the twist and turns at every possible moment. 

It has adventure & romance, struggle & immortal values, poetry & intellectual analogies and so much more.

With this book which is not just a book but a way of life be ready to have an interesting ride.


The story in Book 1 is narrated by Love - Kusha, sons of RAMA. So beside them the book mainly focuses on 5 main characters from Ramayana.

  1. VISHWAMITRA, the ever angry sage. A teacher, who in the process of mentoring gets nurturing. The story shows one of the great transitions, from an imperfect teacher to perfect student and his process in learning the Laws of Progressive Living.
  2. DASARATHA, a dutiful king and a loving father. The story shows the conflict between the two from time to time and how duty wins over everytime.
  3. VALMIKI, the sage who emerged from an anthill. His transition from bad to good.
  4. SITA, the purity. One whose life revolves around a bow. Her balancing between the tradition and unconditional love for Rama.
  5. RAMA, the main character.

Its not one character but all together make one RAMAYANA, completing each other.
The book broadly focusses on Relationships; Parents-Children, Husband-Wife, Guru-Pupils, between Siblings and Leader-his Followers.


This first book has 9 chapters which will take you from the start, time before Rama's birth. Rest assured each chapter is a surprise in itself. Giving insight of everything which we might not be aware of until now. Author has given Beautiful explaination and used metaphors which will keep u stick to the story and will leave you craving for more knowledge about this SANSAAR.

He presents the very truth of life in a simple yet interesting way.

Footnotes at almost each page and the anecdotes teaching you what to do and what not to, well thats commendable on author's part.


Shubha Vilas, the author is a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker. Academically has earned BE in Electronics & Telecommunication and is also a LLB with specialization in Patent Law.

His Leadership seminars are popular with top level management in corporate houses. His thought provoking seminars focuses on relevant and vital themes like "Secret of Lasting Relationships", "Work Life Balance" and "Soul Curry to Stop Worry". He believes that a good teacher sees Learning and Teaching as integral twin aspects of personal and spiritual growth.

He periodically interacts with youth and apply the teachings of Bhagwat Gita, the Ramayana etc in dealing with modern-day life situations.


"Gripping" is what I would say. Complex Ideas, Simple words, Rich Literature and Beautiful Cover Illustration.

I loved this book. Totally!! 

If you really wanna dig in history a bit more and are interested to read an epic with modern spell and the filmy masala where there is a hero, a heroine and loads of villains, without diverting from the facts then this book is the right passage.


"To justify one's actions is easy. Acting responsibly and being accountable for actions is very difficult"

"A desired qualification must be preceded by the endeavor to prove that it is deserved"

"Life itself is a school campus - each day is a different classroom and every experience a different subject. It is called a school of hard knocks."


Book- Rise of The Sun Prince

Author- Shubha Vilas

Genre- Mythology, Religious

Language- English

Publisher- Jaico Publishing House, India

Year- 2014

Pages- 252

Price- 250
My Verdict- 9/10

With this I wish you all Happy Reading.


P.S. This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Participate now to get free books!

Friday, August 01, 2014

My Monsoon Playlist. What's yours?

Any journey is empty without #Music, whether its the everyday commute, distant travel or the journey called life. Without Music the journey is like cheeni-less chai, cheese-less pizza aur barsaat-less July.

The Barsaat, dear dear Monsoon brings along unlimited happiness in the form food, music, dance, masti and ROMANCE. Cool breeze, the Petrichor, chirping of birds, the pitter-patter of the rain drops, just everything carries the scent of Love spreading in and around us. And what makes all this beautiful is Music and togetherness of the Love of your life.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Must Dos of Mumbai Monsoon

Rains and Mumbai are synonymous to each other. One can't stay without the other and the Mumbaikars neither.
Rains bring lot of happiness but a li'l bit more of potholes; Some water to the lakes but then to the railway tracks too. Lot of Traffic and cancellation of trains. But never dampen a Mumbaikar's passion to live life. They know the importance of time, work and at the same time know how to enjoy.

With the arrival of Monsoon, Mumbaikars start planning their free time. Because after enduring the batter of summer and heat, it's the right time to let all the heat evaporate; get drenched in rains, sing songs, dance under the clouds & shower and have lots of fun.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Goa - Travel and Accommodation


Important Trains to Goa:
12432 - Rajdhani Express
12618 - Mangala Lakshadweep Express
0103 - Mandovi Express
10111 - Konkan Kanya Express
12051 - Jan Shatabdi Express
12450 - Sampark Kranti Express
17309 - Yesvantpur Vasco Express
17311 - Chennai Vasco Express
16346 - Netravathi Express
12431 - Rajdhani Express


There are many comfortable, decent and reasonable hotels in Goa, so are luxury ones.
Hotel tariffs are peak high during Christmas. Pre-booking is must.


You can see Goa on a Motorbike, comfort and economic - 2 in 1, try and rent one. Second option is the buses which are quite frequent, well connecting different places and quite economical. Third option is renting a four wheeler and Fourth option is Ferry. It all depends upon your personal choice and budget.


STD Code - 0832
Goa "Emergency" no. - 108
Goa Medical College - 102
Goa Air Ambulance - +91 98211 50889

Fire Service - 191

Police - 100

KTC (Kadamba - Goa) - 2438 034/35/36/37
MSRTC - 2438 253
KSRTC - 2438 256


Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and its best to download an app which will help you with your Goa Trip on the Go - Goa OFFICIAL App (an android app) - Download it here.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy.

Happy Holidays Amigos :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

36 hours of Sun, Sand & Sea - Go Goa

Photography by Stuti Shrimali
The smallest state in India with a very small population, Goa, is not only India's but Internationally one of the most sought after Travel Destination. 
A former Portuguese colony which has lent Goa, a rich heritage and great ethos. Goan culture and population is a beautiful and distinctive blend of Hindus, Roman Catholics and Portuguese, so is its streets, food, speech and everything that belongs here. People here call themselves "sussegaad", a Portuguese word which means "easy going", who love good food, good music and an easy going life.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Smart Travel Plan

Travel travel, my love for travel knows no bounds. I live for opportunities to knock and sometimes i create one, to get ready and rock on. So, in short I travel a lot. It not only involves happiness, solace, fun and craziness but also money, time, energy and some more luggage.

I started my year with a bang, traveled to Ellora caves and Shirdi and later visited Lucknow in January and another one to Goa (how can i ever forget this one) just 2 weeks back, which has left me with some little less money to hit another city.

I travel smart but for the next visit I needed to plan smarter to travel smart as its gonna be a li'l farther, the city Gaya. Gaya, a place in Bihar; famous for its temples and places around which are again famous for temples and Buddhist monasteries like Bodhgaya. Bodhgaya is the place where Gautam Buddha obtained Enlightenment and this trip will definitely be a dream come true. March end is gonna be the time to hit on this religious city. Paap saal ke shuruvat mein hi dho liye jayein toh hopefully saal achcha guzrega :P