Re - doing my Room with

A place which defines my style, my way of life, my individuality, my thinking and the most my personality is MY HOME, my ultimate Comfort Zone.
Home is where heart is and who doesn't care for Love. I too like to nurture my Home and try to make it perfect with my sense of Style which is CLASSIC. 
I love to keep things simple yet classy. Not so shiny yet eye catchy. 

Today when I got up and wandered through my Home Sweet Home, which I do every morning as a ritual; I thought why not gift it something. Its been long that I have brought home something new and now its time. So, without a second thought I started searching for options on internet. Then I found this amazing website I kept browsing and yes, there are a lot of good things.

I thought after a hard day its my bedroom that gives me most comfort, so why not start with gifting something to my bedroom. As I went through the site, I selected not 1, not 2 but 3 gifts for my home. And they are - 

The Yellow Door Round Oil Burner

Enlightenment is the way of successful life. Happiness is in light, so is the new life. That's why i selected this product. It will keep the ambiance very soulful, hopeful and positive. The way it is carved and the way the light is filtering out is really great. It will lie on my side table spreading light in the time of darkness and also light to make everything positive and happy - happy.

Little India Pure Brass Antique Design Real Telescope

I like gazing at stars, moon and the related night activities. This handy telescope looks not only simple and a class item but is also very important to me, to serve my appetite of interest in cosmology and astronomy. The dipper, orion etc. are all now just a click (of an eye) away.

Carribbean Carpet

Mornings and nights shall be equally good and I want to start my day on the note of Comfort. This handmade woolen with cotton cloth backing is soft. It is in natural latex and prevents dust absorption and fire. What more can I ask for? Its color reflects my taste and impresses the style of my room and compliments the white walls.

With this I am sure my bedroom will look all the more stylish and classic. Increase my happiness by thrice and give a sense of attainment. Party all night.

Hope you will find your dream products too, to make your home a delightful stay forever with this awesome website.


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