Store Review - UniverCell Sync

We live in a world where everyone demands comfort. No matter what and how, comfort takes the row in front.
And when something new comes you want first hand experience. Luckily, I got a chance with UniverCell; the elegant, the beauty, new attraction in town.
A crown in south's mobile mart has now entered western india.

A tech hub, a problem solver to all your mobile worries. This is a place which will not only give you a warm welcome but also the best service while you are there and after. You don't have to worry, just bombard your questions and you'll get all your answers.


Its an experiential mobile store. From mobiles to mobile accessories, to tabs, it has all and to your amazement; it has got your personality already personalized. How!? #ReadOn


If you want a mobile with best of cameras, these is a separate section for it; so is for the one with best of music quality, then tablets and so on. You don't have to break your head on how to select a mobile. Simple and interesting display of products to your rescue.


Staff is there to assist you, very helpful and friendly; they will help you buy and the best part is they are there to answer all your questions, no exceptions. Their patience is commendable; will be there at your back and call.

When you buy a product they will help you with installations, set up etc. Also don't worry about your data in old phone which you wanna transfer to your new purchase here, they will fix that too.

The motto is to give you a stress free, happy - happy atmosphere to buy your new mobile / tab / mobile accessories.


You buy a product, pay just Rs.500 more and get your phone insured from theft and accidental breaking of mobile for an year. Plus, their is pick and drop service, you don't have to come to store with your damaged mobile, instead they will come to your door step. They also are there for you even after an year, acting as a middle man to help you getting your problems solved.
Also, there is this facility of buying mobile / tabs at zero percent EMI. UniverCell has tie up with Bajaj Alliance.


Ambiance of the store is cool white and colorful gadgets make the hub all the more cool and peppy.


No Price Tag. Yes, there won't be any on any product. Go and find out why yourself. This is definitely an interesting concept and will make you talk more at store.


I hope you enjoy your buy. Have a great experience. Like i had.


P.S. This store review is a part of Indiblogger - Univercell Sync Contest.


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