A Healthy Child makes a Healthy Home

It's contagious, don't use the same utensils, towel, don't touch the handkerchief. These are some very common dialogues when someone falls ill. In a family when one person fall ill, it becomes real easy for the germs and bacteria to attack the other members. Consequently the whole sickness programme gets activated in the house.

Starts doctor's visit, medication, skipping school, college, work etc; getting weak; mood swings and so on.

The web of sickness is not that easy to break but one can take precautions to not fall in the trap. How?
Well increase the body's immunity. Run, Walk, Eat fruits & vegetables and think positive.

I remember how whenever I fell ill, my mum would say, "Ghar mein toh sannata hi cha gaya". I am the chirpy one and in times of sickness, the atmosphere of whole house becomes dull; my brother doesn't know whom to fight with, sister doesn't know whom to irritate with her silly jokes and my parents, well they don't whom to scold on her silly talks and dancing all day, all night. Same goes for my siblings. And when may parent fall ill, the situation is worst; because then we kids don't know whom to bother with our childish acts at home.

It's thus very important to be healthy. That's a rule in our house; in a day 2 servings of fruit, breakfast like a king, atleast 1 big mug of milk, 1 bowl of daal, chapati, 3 types of vegetables, 1 cup of rice, dahi, salad and Dabur Chyawanprash. This not only give protein, fibre, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals but also boost immunity when combined with daily exercise for minimum half an hour. 

Because as said by Lord Buddha:
HEALTH is the Greatest Gift. CONTENTMENT the Greatest Wealth. FAITHFULNESS the Best Relationship.

By being faithful to yourself, you can be healthy. And when you are healthy, you definitely will feel happy and satisfied.

By being healthy doors to all good things open up. We play together, pray together and love & smile never leave our home.

I have seen in my house, that when we all are fine, we make good plans for future. We discuss travel, finance, food, love and life. And that is when most of our trips are planned and then executed. I love travel *Beaming* :D

Most of our accomplishments are in the time of health and failure during the sickness. And the most important thing is that the child in the house is more prone to sickness due to low immunity, thus shall be taken care of, the most. Both my siblings are younger to me and my time with them in sickness and health has taught me well. What parents go through and what we go through when we are sick shall be a great lesson for one and all to be Healthy and Wealthy.

I bid you adieu with the message "Way to Happy Life is a Healthy Life."

This post has been written as a part of "A HEALTHY CHILD MAKES A HAPPY HOME" campaign by Dabur Chyawanprash on Indiblogger.

Picture Source: Google Images