Chapter 14: She's the Fighter


A team of creative rebellions, with a mystery folded - unfolded in front of you.

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The train was running non-stop. News was already broken. But no one knew why or how?
Hijacking a train is not a child's play. Different channels, different theories. Tara was tired flicking through news channels. Tara was tensed and Roohi was sleeping next to her. Suddenly Sarkar's phone rings, 
"Hello! Yes sir. 
 Yes you will get it.
 Oh most definitely.  You have my word.
 No. Don't bother sir. I will meet you in half hour."

Tara thinking whom he was talking to finally relaxed that he will be gone. She was not able to think in his presence. But still she has to deal with the two guards once minister gone, but smart she was, she already knew what she had to do next.

Minister before leaving gave a brisk smile and said, "Be a nice girl", looked at Roohi, smirked and left.

Tara's mind was racing. She needed an opportunity. 
"Roohi is tired can I take her inside?" asked Tara to one of the guards. He nodded. Tara needed Roohi to be safe so she took her in the room, laid her on bed and locked the door.

Tara came out and started making tea. Asked the guards, "Will you have tea?"
Confused, but they said yes! 

"Ohh!! Shit... I am so sorry. I apologize." Tara had spilled the tea on them. She pretended that it was by mistake. She was quite bright for that.

Tara showed them the washroom but both were not ready to go together. One went in but did not come out for long. The second guard was confused. He could not suspect Tara. She was standing whole time near him.

The second guard got up and with the gun on Tara's head moved towards the washroom.
"You better don't act smart. I know you have done something."

Tara using the opportunity started crying.

"Why are you crying?" 

I am afraid. Why are you doing this? Please don't do this to us, to our country. Sarkar is not a good man, he will kill you both and all of us because you also know about his secret mission." said Tara.

He was in no mood to hear her and started calling for his colleagues name but no one was answering. He panicked. Started banging the door. One hand on door banging and one with gun pointed towards Tara. They were trained but did not know that Tara was a black belt champion from her college days. 

"Bang!" Tara hit him in stomach with her elbow. Grabbed gun which had fallen on the ground. Pointed towards him, she asked him to stand away from her facing towards wall. One touch on his neck with her fingers, he fell down unconscious. "Bamm". She strikes the right nerve.

Opening the washroom door, there was too much steam inside. Guard one was already unconscious. She brought tape and rope. Tied them both, did a little chloroform thing, taped their mouth and done. She wanted to be extra cautious at every point now.

Using the automatic system on her remote she locked the washroom once again and hit the steam button once again. It was a hi-tech safe house.

Now she was sure of two things; one, Home Minister was a traitor and two, Shekhar's life was in danger and that she can't trust anyone anymore.

She activated the danger boundary outside the safe house and also activated all cameras in and around the house, which she did not do initially thinking there won't be any danger here.

Next in line she somehow needed to keep the information safe and needed to reach Shekhar.

"Who was he talking to, and what was so important that he left us to attend that caller", Tara thought to herself.

She switched on her laptop and transferred all the sensitive information she had onto a chip. 

"I shall track his movement now", thinking Tara started the tracking application. 


They were quiet, in their own thoughts. Although they had confided in each other but after sharing their stories and with so many coincidences, suspicion started cropping up in their minds.

"How Mr. Ahuja is involved and how Sasha and he are connected?", thought Shekhar. 

"What!! It did not stop here too", screamed Jennifer. 

"Dinner please." A staff member came.

"I am still a human". Speakers went live again but faded with a laugh.

Shekhar was in no mood to eat. He was dead worried about his family. But Jennifer and Cyrus convinced him to eat.

There was a note in his tray - "Don't over-think. All will be well."

"What did it mean?", thought Shekhar. Was it a strike of light in the darkness or a threat again? He was not sure. 

Suddenly something strikes to him. But who used to say those words? And then all went dark, with a loud whistle the train entered a dark tunnel.

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Stuti Shrimali