A dream, which made my life!

One winter on a bright sunny day sitting in my porch, I saw an armoured rider leaping towards me. "Aura, unfathomable". On reaching, he got down from his black shiny horse, removed his helmet and extended his hand. Well groomed, twinkling eyes and the charm...


"Aankhein khuli ho ya band, deedar unka hota hai.." I got up with a smile on my face, switched off the alarm. "Err! Was that a dream?", I felt like going back to sleep. Reality struck, I had to rush to my college. 


I reached college sharp at 9 with my friend Nyssa. It was our first day. We then headed towards auditorium for the inaugural ceremony. 
"Look the same shabby guy, who bumped into us during college registration", Nyssa whispered. 

The guy had heavy stubble, was in Tee and torn jeans and was wearing flip flops. He too was walking towards the auditorium for the ceremony. 
Don't know if he heard Nyssa or not but suddenly turned back and our eyes met, some kind of familiarity they had, deep and dark, like carrying some kind of secret. 

Suddenly a volunteer came from no where and said something to him after which he instead of going to the auditorium left for somewhere in the opposite direction but not before giving a smirk.

"Idiot! Doesn't he know how to come to college? Kya fresher hai!", Nyssa was quite irritated, the bump was rough that day. I wasn't impressed either, specially with that stubble. 
"What'll he do in his life if he can't even keep himself shaved and groomed!" I thought to myself.


We entered the auditorium, many students were already seated. We took our seats too in the first row. Soon the ceremony started with the inaugural speech by Dean of the college. 

After finishing his speech, he called upon a guy. "Saahil! Please come". A guy in black suit and tie took the steps to reach up stage where Dean was standing. 
Dean introduced this guy to everyone as he turned towards to the audience, "Dear freshers meet our Gold medalist Saahil from 3rd year, who has recently discovered the secret of lost city of Atlantis. 
Down to Earth, simple, mostly seen with a stubble and those torn jeans. He is an apt example of "Looks can be deceptive". But when it comes to presentation, no one can touch his hand. Well! now I won't take any more time and will let Saahil speak, who'll  be your mentor too", he added referring to the freshers.

"Over to you Saahil." Dean said.

There was a loud cheer, specially from the back, where all the seniors were seated.

"Who is he?" Nyssa whistled, who was lost in her thoughts, I guess and I'm sure she has not heard even one word of Dean. 
"Mr.Shabby", I replied with a chuckle"So that's what he vanished for with that volunteer, to get all shaved and groomed", I thought.

Saahil was speaking. Aura was the same as I had felt in my dream. As he finished his inspirational yet humorous speech, the auditorium was filled with applause. I was impressed too. He definitely knows how to hold attention of audience. He left the stage with thank you and a strange smile on his face.

I was lost in my thoughts when suddenly my chain of thoughts was broken by a voice which came from next to me. "Hi! I'm Saahil",  he extended his hand.

And it started from where my dream had ceased with the alarm.

"Kiara!" I smiled.

---   ---   ---

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