Chapter 4: Mash Up


A team of creative rebellions, with a mystery folded - unfolded in front of you.

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The phone on dashboard starts to vibrate. She puts it on bluetooth. Stunned by what she hears, suddenly applies the break. After hoons & haans she dials another number; "Shekhar are you alright? What has happened there?" Shekhar perplexed tries to calm her down on phone but all in vain. She suddenly lose her composure and burst into tears. Shekhar on the other side clueless trying to comprehend asks her again. Tara tells him that she just got a call from her informer that there was an attack planned on Rajdhani and has connection with local train accident in Mumbai.
Shekhar tells her that Rajdhani has just come to halt very dramatically but nothing has happened. Tara then tells him, "Someone tried kidnapping Roohi today." 
Shekhar mumbled in shock and then went completely silent. He then goes to corner of his seat and whispers to Tara, "I don't know if something is really wrong or I am just hallucinating but I think someone knows and I want you two out of this city now." 
He also tells her about his fellow passengers and that strange face he saw in train. Tara who was hearing him carefully after keeping the phone, kisses her daughter on her forehead. Roohi was very quiet, seeing her mum crying had shaken her. Tara looks at Roohi with love and starts driving again.

"Uff, Yeh traffic!!" Irritated, she dials a number and confirms her booking and takes a diversion. Reaching at helibase, she parks the car and leave for the helicopter with her laptop, keys, phone and bag of clothes which she always kept in case she needed to go out station for sudden coverage. Roohi in utter amazement holding her mum's hand follows.
Re-winding each and every word of Shekhar, Tara flew the helicopter to safe house.


Announcement in the train, "We apologize for the sudden halt but we request you to keep calm, there is some technical issue and it will take sometime to get everything in order. We are safe and nothing to worry. You all will be kept updated. Thank You."

Its long that train is standstill, the coach starts buzzing with people talking to each other. Suddenly the ever stern lawyer speaks. Speaks very slowly to Shekhar. Jennifer could not control her urge to hear. She comes near too. What lawyer speaks stun both of them, "I sense something unusual. When I got in train I sensed a very familiar face getting in, which is actually weird because I think he is already dead. But then I thought may be its because of my criminal law studies."

Jennifer hands reaches her mouth in utter shock and says to both of them, "I also sensed a passer by in train", so does Shekhar. They start scratching their head trying to remember exactly from where do they remember that guy! Suddenly Shekhar remembering something starts his laptop and start searching through his folder of photographs. Finally he finds a picture that surprises him, a picture of that guy in question with his daughter. He then remembers that a few years back that this guy was their neighbour when they used to live in Lonavala and was fond of their daughter Roohi and had mysteriously disappeared one day. He then shows that picture to Cyrus and Jennifer and tells them that this is that guy whom he saw. Both of them, now amazed says that this is that same guy whom they also saw. Cyrus tells that he remembers him as a cleaner at his college just an year back; while Jennifer saw him in her college when he had come as a temporary teacher for a day or two only. All three say in unison, "OMG! He's Sasha. The same tall guy with wheatish complexion and a very freaky smirk."

"Finally, something in common", Shekhar laughs, trying to light this tense moment. While engrossed in discussion, Cyrus gets a call and then his next reaction was to start his laptop and connect to internet. He tries to log in his email, shouts in shock, "My account is hacked, they got it." Not understanding Shekhar asks, "Why, what was there?"

Cyrus reluctant first but then thinking that since they are in the middle of nowhere and seem so have a connection, trusting Jennifer and Shekhar tells them, "Last year I had done a research on a Cyber criminal group called Xombie and in the process had come across some sensitive information which was in my mail but now its hacked."
Shekhar looks at Jennifer who's now frowning and deep in thought. As he is about to say something, the train starts with a "thump". 
Announcement again, "The train is hijacked."

"What!?", Jennifer looses her mind, gets up and start to run towards the door. Shekhar and Cyrus leaps to stop her. She tries to open the door and many other comes to join her, but gets disappointed when door doesn't open.

Speakers of train comes to life again, "Don't try the door" and then the voice fades away with a harsh laugh.

They come back to their seats. There is hue and cry in the coach. Shekhar now needed to assure something. First he checks his bag, All Safe; then calls his wife, "Tara, have you reached? Where is Roohi, how is she? Give her the phone."
Roohi starts talking to her dad, "Daddy! We are in a new house, it smells wierd but has lot of chocolates & maggi and come soon Daddy, I miss you", with this she gives the phone to her mum.
Shekhar tells her everything about the situation in train, Jennifer, Cyrus, Sasha and Xombie. She once again starts crying knowing that her husband is in grave danger but calms down realising that for Roohi, Shekhar and India, she has to think logically. Now she knows why her husband sent her to safe house.


"Sasha we lost that kid. Both mother and daughter have even escaped the death trap 'car' and not traceable anymore."

Sasha screams in disgust and says, "How that girl was in car, I wanted her safe. My instructions were clear. Don't you get it." Sasha burning with rage, calms down knowing that Roohi is safe but again shouts, "No matter what, this plan will work. Wait for my next message, till then you know what you have to do. Over and out."

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