Thursday, December 31, 2015

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When a new day starts to bloom, taking over the past's gloom

Everyone has a place for new in their room

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Travel Safety: #MeAndMySuitcase chat dated 28.12.2015


A travel talk on Twitter (#ttot), #MeAndMySuitcase was launched on 04th February 2014. It happens on Mondays (flexible) and is hosted by me @JunkkDNA & one new co-host / guest host for every chat.

No matter what kind of traveller you are, this place is for you, to interact, make new friends and network and who wouldn’t agree that “It does feel good to know people from every part of the world.”

  • #MeAndMySuitcase timing from around the world - On Mondays (flexible) for 60 min at IST 22:00 hrs, GMT 16:30 hrs, NYC 11:30 hrs, EST 11:30 hrs, PST 08:30 hrs and so on. 
  • Follow @JunkkDNA and #MeAndMySuitcase hashtag for chat and other updates.
  • Use the #MeAndMySuitcase hashtag in every tweet, your tweets will be traceable and will be available to look for by fellow travelers.
  • Feel free to invite friends/family to join and RT whatever you like.
  • Wanna guest host wimme for future chat/s and if brands wanna associates!? Direct message on Twitter or email at

New Topic

28th December 2015: “Travel Safety”

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Shopping made easy

The fast paced city, Mumbai. The city of dreams, opportunity, love and a life. But it also brings along long working hours and if not that then long traveling hours definitely.
With such hectic and busy schedule people although are able to bring back do waqt ki roti but time for family is hardly achieved. Even if that's achieved than going out on shopping is a luxury.

Thanks to e-commerce sector that problem is solved with a click. I am out of house for approx 14 to 15 hours which includes work and travel and sometimes work demands working weekends too. Being an elder sister I of course ought to bring my kiddy brother something or the other. It’s not a compulsion but a feel good factor when my bro asks me for something or if I wanna buy him that football or sneakers or jersey, that puzzle game or a soft fluffy football alag se. The list is long, occasions are many but time is way less to spend on shopping.  

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Bestseller She Wrote - Book Review

The Bestseller She Wrote
Love Betrayal Redemption

The Book
Aditya Kapoor is a banker turned author and a bestseller. He is a literary gem and is living a balanced yet a starry personal and a professional life. Anything and everything he touches turns into gold. He has everything a man can dream of, a loving family which has a beautiful wife 'Maya' and a sweet kid.
Then there is Shreya Kaushik, a student at IIM Bangalore who is beautiful, young and ambitious. She is instantly expressive about the ramblings of her mind and loves to chase her dreams, quite bold and straight forward. Currently she wants to be a bestselling author and is quite obsessed with that dream. She is best at what she does, one of the top authors but now she wants to be the bestselling one.
One fine day, Aditya's and Shreya's worlds come together. Shreya wants Aditya to make her the best selling author. What happens next is for you to find out. Can one person love two people at a given point in time? Can one wisely make a choice between blind passion and ambition? Is it possible to trust someone again after betrayal. Is it still love when you betray someone?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dwarka: Gateway to Heaven

The Dwarka Railway Station
Dwarka which is believed to have been the first capital of Gujarat, literally means “gateway to heaven”. It is the nagri of Krishna where he migrated from Mathura post Mahabharata with his clan of yadavas.

It’s been believed that actual Dwarka was made of gold and is submerged in sea. Myths apart this place is really surreal. At the mouth of Gulf of Kutch, Dwarka has a subtropical desert and hot climate. 

I recently had the privilege to visit this magical place which is full of stories, mysteries and sand. Yes, sand. This cursed pilgrimage gets water from 20km away through pipelines. People told us that even from wells they get salt water.

My Abode

The Dwarika Hotel

We reached Dwarka late evening and checked in The Dwarika Hotel which I had pre-booked, 3 bedded super deluxe room. The room was quite spacious with all amenities.

Pros: The hotel location is perfect. It is on the highway, 2 km from dwarka railway station and 1 km from the dwarkadheesh temple. The prices (tariff and food price) are competitive. Its restaurant Food is good too. 

Cons: The only negative point was the outside noise was coming inside, walls need to be little more sound proof considering hotel's standard. The construction noise from behind our room was disturbing. Overall stay was cool. Nonetheless, it’s a mid-range hotel. The staff is cooperative but little slow.

My Trip

Milk & Honey Gold "Moisturizing Shower Cream" - A Review

It's been a quite some time that I am using Sweden based giant "Oriflame" products and to be honest, 

Of course I am loving them.

This time I have got this very creamy and soft on body "Moisturizing Shower Cream" - Milk and Honey Gold.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Foodie Travelers #MeAndMySuitcase chat dated 14.12.2015


A travel talk on Twitter (#ttot), #MeAndMySuitcase was launched on 04th February 2014. It happens on Mondays (flexible) and is hosted by me @JunkkDNA & one new co-host / guest host for every chat.
No matter what kind of traveller you are, this place is for you, to interact, make new friends and network and who wouldn’t agree that “It does feel good to know people from every part of the world.”

  • #MeAndMySuitcase timing from around the world - On Mondays (flexible) for 60 min at IST 22:00 hrs, GMT 16:30 hrs, NYC 11:30 hrs, EST 11:30 hrs, PST 08:30 hrs and so on. 
  • Follow @JunkkDNA and #MeAndMySuitcase hashtag for chat and other updates.
  • Use the #MeAndMySuitcase hashtag in every tweet, your tweets will be traceable and will be available to look for by fellow travelers.
  • Feel free to invite friends/family to join and RT whatever you like.
  • Wanna guest host wimme for future chat/s and if brands wanna associates!? Direct message on Twitter or email at

New Topic

14 December 2015: “Foodie Travelers”

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Language #MeAndMySuitcase chat dated 16.11.2015

#MeAndMySuitcase chat dated 16.11.2015

Topic: The Language
With Guest Host @Nicolette_O

Source: Google
Language is a beautiful tool for communication and expression of sea of thoughts. Language is not only restricted to humans but animals, birds and other species too. We can't really understand the language but the expression do give a hint. Also, researches keep happening to understand the language of species other than of homosapiens.

The origin of language in the human species has been the topic of scholarly discussions for several centuries. In spite of this, there is no consensus on the ultimate origin or age of human language. One problem makes the topic difficult to study: the lack of direct evidence. Also, there are so many other languages which are either extinct or are endangered.

Language is something which one shall use to avoid conflicts which can occur due to keeping mum. We all are born at the place with certain kind of language and a different dialect but as we grow some of us do try to learn new languages. 

To the language we already know and for the many new ones we wanna learn, today's #MeAndMySuitcase chat is dedicated. For the chat, this time Nicolette is joining me as co host. It's great to have her on board as co host and would be great to have you all too sharing tips, trips and funny stories. Join us on Monday, November 16, 2015 at (10pm IST / 11:30 am ET / 5:30 pm CET / 4.30 pm GMT). We are talking about "The Language".

Sneak peak of questions for today:

Q1. What's your mother tongue? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q2. In the world of technology which app do you use on the go to overcome the language barrier #MeAndMySuitcase

Q3. Ever had a language mishap? How did you overcome it? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q4. Your favorite words, you picked up on a tour abroad and can't do without in your daily life #MeAndMySuitcase

Q5: Which new language would you like to learn? Why? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q6. Your favorite language to say bye which don't let you feel sad about leaving the place or someone #MeAndMySuitcase

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Health On The Go

Health, the overall condition of an organism at a given time. This is a simple dictionary meaning and we all measure health with the soundness of body and mind; how much we are able cope with challenges shows how good our health is.

This is a month of health "November, the world health month". So I thought why not dedicate a post on it. After all, the mantra of today's generation is health. Every second person is either a health / fitness freak or hopelessly careless; yes the poles apart characteristics but our world has both kind of people. But still if you ask, deep down all want that toned body, good health, sound mind and capability to fight and overcome any challenge.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Soft Coral - Product Review

Oriflame "Very Me" Mirror Gloss

Soft Coral

Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin,
Rosy lips, teeth within .. & the poem goes on.

Give your lips the mirror effect! 
The Soft Coral "Very Me" Mirror Gloss is the new in town and from the time I have owned it, I couldn't stop using it. 
It has a mirror effect as the name suggest with incredible shine and perfect for not only a glamorous girl but perfect to stand out at work too.

Here is the product's review and I am sure after reading the same you will sure want to use it as well.

Ingredient List:

Rs. 329/-

Shape & Size:
It's a small 10 ml tube, can fit in your kit easily. 

Perfect for daily wear
Yummy strawberry scent
Stays for 4 hours (average)
Light weight
Don't carry in pocket, the gloss may come out of tube

My take:
4.0 / 5.0

P.S. Oriflame "Very Me" Mirror Gloss comes in five different shades, Clover Haze, Pink Blush, Soft Coral, Cerise and Hot Red.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Photo Essay of Global Vipassana Pagoda

Global Vipassana Pagoda is a majestic construction by the Gorai Creek in North Mumbai. Where you reach via the peaceful water to attain solace.

It is a meditation center built out of gratitude to Lord Buddha, the epitome of peace, dyaana, truth, brotherhood, containment and above all enlightenment.

Inaugurated on 08th February 2009, it contains the world's largest stone dome without any pillars to support the structure. It's a traditional Burmese design, constructed like the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (Myanmar aka Burma) but combining both ancient Indian and modern technology.

Monday, October 19, 2015


With my bestie #OurSketch

It’s never about the time period, but about the moments spent together which make that relation, the relation of lifetime. One such beautiful togetherness is Friendship.

You may have been best friends since childhood as we call it chaddi buddies or may have known each other from just past a few years, but always feel a bond offorever and for always as BFF (Best Friend Forever). Well, yeah it does feel like you are together since your previous lives; whether you were human, monkey, elephant or alien. 

“Best Friendship” sounds so soulful; it is about Celebration “kuch meetha ho jaye” every time you think about each other when you are apart or swimming in the Chocolate Cake when you are together.

People say Best Friend is one who may forget your birthday but will never leave your side during your bad times. WRONG!! Their presence equally matters during good times. Best friend is one who not only be helping you move a dead body but will also be there havingjalsa together. Making each other feel special is part of the game. Good Friendships aren’t always easy. But it’s worth the effort to have that one person you can always be stupid with.

Different people, different views. There’s friends then there’s best friends. There’s a difference. What makes that difference? Let’s check it out –
Whom you can rely on, your confidante.
The one who keeps blackmailing you for your dark secrets but will never harm you with them 
Who not only understands the hurt behind your smile but will also be ready with the shovel to ground the murderer of that grin 
One who share the madness you live with and call that hysteria the fun state of mind. 

But there are five basic things which if you don’t know about your “partner in crime”, you don’t qualify being called BFF.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

48 hours in Mumbai

You have two days to spend in Mumbai and you are overwhelmed with Mumbai's more than ever, never ceasing crowd and the locals.


Mumbai is much more than that. A place which literally grows on you and which definitely gonna give you an experience of a lifetime. The fast pace, the passion and the never dying Mumbaikar spirit, its all here. A true Mumbaikar knows the importance of time, so I am sure you wouldn't wanna miss a moment anymore and get started with your Day in Mumbai.

Thursday, October 08, 2015


ज़िन्दगी जीने के लिए है, किसी को झुकाने के लिए नहीं 

क्युंकि जहां आम आदमी चार कंधो पर जाता है, वहीं एक राजा भी !

Thursday, October 01, 2015


Gifts are a way of expression and a common element in relationships — especially romantic ones. Though gifts are usually expected for popular occasions like birthdays and Valentine’s Day, they are one of the many ways to show your partner that they are loved, loved and loved. But when it comes to buying the gift, you go blank and confused most of the time you don’t know what to gift.

So, while gifting your special someone, you should always keep a check on their taste, like / dislike, temperament, nature, interest & hobbies.

Alas! Today’s lifestyle and busy – hectic schedule doesn’t give time to think and you end up giving the most generic gift items. Easy, search on net & go ahead! Bad!!

The 5 Cliché Relationship Gifts for your partners are brought in here, which you can always give due to scarcity of time but why not with a twist this time. Read on, for dos and don’ts.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Go Kolad

26th July 2015

Early morning alarm rang. What!? Did I really fix it for 4 am? 
"Oh! Its that day." 

The day had come, when I was gonna tick one more activity of my #BucketList.

I got up with excitement, full of enthusiasm; I was going White Water Rafting. I squealed but with zeal, rushed to kitchen to cook my breakfast and got ready to be on time at my pick up point.

My Trip 

There was a group of around 35 to 40 people and I was to be picked up from Kalamboli “Mc Donalds”. I had signed up with the Mask Group for this activity with my 9 friends to enjoy and make some more new friends.

We had breakfast on the way and reached Kolad in around 1.5 hours from my place.

After reaching, we had to sign consent forms followed by an introductory session of all in the group, then a brief on water rafting; on How, What, Do’s and Don’ts, Safety & Precautionary measures, tips etc. We were then given our respective rafting cum safety gears like floaters, helmets, peddles post which we all assembled for a cool pic showing off our newly done avatar.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why JunkkDNA?

Many people after seeing my twitter handle i.e. @JunkkDNA ask me why so? what does it mean? 
junkkDNA o_O?

So to answer them all, I thought why not write a post on that. So here it goes:

Well according to the dictionary Junk DNA means stretches of DNA that do not code for genes, the DNA that constitutes approximately 95% of the human genome.

And on twitter I usually talk about things presently surrounding us, which do not code for genes (things which are passed on from generations to generations) but things which we observe (95% of the actual) and wanna bring about the change to. 

These are like Absolute Truth, which can be defined as reality - what we observe.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Final destination

Train was dragging at a snail’s pace. Kiara looked around, she had no co passengers. Suddenly the train stopped at Rewari.

There came Neeli, blue eyed, blonde girl, company at last Kiara thought. Soon they figured out, both were returning from Bhangarh fort, unfolding its mystery. It was pretty late, both were happy about their research, engrossed in their conversation; soon they fell asleep, ignoring how eerie the train looked.

Kiara got up early morning with a jolt. Neeli was nowhere to be seen, only deserted platform. They had still not reached Delhi.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Paradise Deodorizing Body Spray by Oriflame - A Review

I am in Love again and this time with the Paradise Deodorizing Body Spray by Oriflame. 

The tantalizing fragrance doesn't allow me to buy any other spray. Have already finished two bottles of it now.

It is soft and refreshing. Applying this deodorant makes my day. Its a catchy blend of flowers you will only find in the wild (away from daily hustle bustle) and woods. Defines luxury and blends with your body. 

Sunday, September 06, 2015

#MeAndMySuitcase #ttot dated 07.09.2015

#MeAndMySuitcase #ttot dated 07.09.15

Topic: #TravelHacking with @TTGLOBE4L

Before I post the questions on upcoming travel chat on Monday, I would like to discuss a bit on Travel Hacking.

Hacking means gaining unauthorized access to any kind of system. But in case of Travel, the term "travel hacking" is nothing near unauthorized or illegal. In fact its a science, a smart way of travelling cheap, comfortable with luxury with you at the click of your fingers. 
Travel Hacking is strategically collecting miles and points (reward / travel points) from hotels, airlines etc and using them to travel the world avoiding heavy costs.

Travel Hacking ain't so complicated as it sounds. You have all the tools already and how to utilize is what we need to know to take advantage of frequent flyer programs, credit cards, shopping portals and other reward / travel points.

So this time I am coming up with Anne this Monday (07.09.2015) to talk with you all #TravelHacking, to share tips and suggestions in our weekly #MeAndMySuitcase #ttot.

See you all at 10 pm IST / 12.30 pm EDST. For questions check below -

And we are starting off our journey with Q1. What does 'travel hacking' mean to you? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q2. What's your best tip for redeeming airline or hotel rewards? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q3. Best airline/hotel chain for frequent flyer redemption as per you? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q4. One tip for Indian travellers to use travel hacking & cheap traveling abroad? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q5. What's that one thing about travel hack which fascinates you the most? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q6. Share your favourite travel hacking experience! #MeAndMySuitcase 

Mumbai Airport on my #WishList

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) formerly known as Sahar International Airport is the one among the best International airports, the second busiest in the country and 47th busiest airport in the world. This Mumbai Airport also one of the charming airports with its newly done International T2 terminal connecting the world with India.

CSIA has five operating terminals and is sprawled over 750 hectares. It handles around 750 aircraft movement per day and also has a record in handling 51 movements in an hour which happened on 16.09.2014. 

CSIA has two passenger terminals; T1 at Santacruz for domestic and T2 at Sahar for international. 

Terminal T1 which is used for domestic flights has 3 adjacent structures A, B and C designated for different airlines and to ferry passengers from terminal to air crafts, several airlines operate BEST owned air conditioned Cerita buses.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

#MeAndMySuitcase #ttot 31.08.15

#MeAndMySuitcase #ttot dated 31.08.15

Topic: #SpiritualTourism

Q1) India is perhaps the most famous destination for 'Spiritual Tourism'. What’s the trend? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q2) Have you ever been to any destination only for Spiritual Tourism? Share Pic. #MeAndMySuitcase

Q3) Which destination comes to your mind first when we talk about Spiritual Tourism & why? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q4) Do you think Spiritual tourism is here to stay or just a passing trend? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q5) Spiritual Tourism and Religious Tourism same or different? why? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q6) Do you know of any groups who promote Spiritual tourism? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Incredible India’s Rail Network

Photography by Stuti © 2013
Being an 80's kid, I have seen, experienced, and enjoyed a lot of things which millennium kids haven’t. Be it listening to songs from the cassettes, the 90’s pop music, playing on streets in the evening after school or spending long hours travelling in trains during summer holidays to reach grandparents’ place.

​That reminds me of mostly interesting, rarely shocking experiences, train travel has given me. Indian Railways have never ceased to fascinate me. During my early years to reach my granny’s place ​Har​i​dwar from Mehsana we used to first go to Palanpur then take a train to Delhi and then bus from ​ISBT, ​Delhi to Har​i​dwar. It used to be long but reaching to my grandma's embrace was always soothing.

Nonetheless, the journey used to be interesting. Ajmer's famous Rabdi and rabbits running at the dhaaba en-route Haridwar are a few things which are hard to forget; train journey is fun as well. I still remember how my mum and I used to get up first at around 4 in the morning only to watch the sun rising—that used to be the best thing during train journey including those fights over the window seat.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

#MeAndMySuitcase #ttot 24.08.2015

#MeAndMySuitcase #ttot dated 24.08.2015

Topic: #MonsoonTravel with special guest @Not_A_Sher

Q1. Picture this: Sipping coffee at home or playing in a puddle. What's your thing? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q2. Your favorite monsoon song? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q3. One monsoon getaway you recommend? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q4. Tweet a picture of your favorite monsoon cuisine. #MeAndMySuitcase

Q5. One monsoon activity on your #BucketList. #MeAndMySuitcase

Q6. Share a picture of your favorite #MonsoonTravel. #MeAndMySuitcase

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Need For Speed

"Need For Speed" is the mantra of today. Be it young or old, everyone has a smartphone and is on internet for some or the other reason, choices ranging from twitter to facebook to instagram to google search. These are on the go apps, use as you walk, talk, listen or watch. But what about other stuff which you rely on internet for, like downloading movies and music, do video chat etc? We have to usually sit down patiently to get the out put or sleep with internet on for the downloading stuff over night or simply curse the internet when you are to download something, courtesy bad internet (happens mostly in my case), One need super fast internet for such stuff.

I am the kid before millennium year and have seen it all, TV with only Doordarshan, then the welcoming entry of Cable, phones with long queue for making those STD calls, Dial up internet, basic mobile phones, smart phones with internet, 2G, 3G and now 4G. Did I miss anything? Don't kill me :P

Monday, August 17, 2015

#MeAndMySuitcase travel chat Questions for 17.08.2015

#MeAndMySuitcase travel chat 

Questions for 17.08.2015

This week our topic is “#LetTheAdventureBegin” with special guest @wanderlustgirl_

​Q.1 When was the last time you went out on an Adventure? #MeAndMySuicase

​Q.2 Tell us one Adventure Destination / Activity on your #BucketList #MeAndMySuicase

​​Q.3 Did you ever dare to convert your fear to an adventurous experience of a lifetime? #MeAndMySuicase 

​​Q.4 One #MustHave in your Adventure Backpack? #MeAndMySuicase

​​Q.5 Have you ever tried an AdventureSport in India or wish to? What's that? #MeAndMySuicase

​​Q.6 A trip is incomplete without food stories. Have one? Share Pic. #MeAndMySuicase

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Independence. Really?

We are in 69th Independence day. Ain't we? Really!?

Do we really celebrate Independence or is it just because we have to celebrate the day, kyunki saalon se aisa karte aa rahe hain!?

Are we really living in a free country, have we really got independence? I ask myself and want you all to ask yourselves!

I eat as I wish, sleep, work, travel and do whatever I like and as I please. But is that the real freedom?

Do I live in a clean country? And by clean I don't mean just the cleanliness or the #SwachBharatAbhiyan but cleanliness in principle. Clean government, clean mind of people, clean system.
Corruption 's the root cause of every second problem. Be it reservations, getting that job, not keeping our surrounding clean, fighting over wrong stuff just to satisfy our ego, walking free out of jail in spite of being a criminal, greed and most of all trying to preach others something or the other without actually following it ourselves. Yes, we do that every time, pin pointing each other, the government, the people around. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review of Oriflame Beauty All-over Make-up Remover

Oriflame Beauty All-over Make-up Remover

One stop shop, the Oriflame Beauty All-over Make-up Remover. It's one key to all make up removal whether its face, lips or eye makeup. Oriflame has come up with this effective and complete solution. I had always been in search of a good make up removal and Oriflame did solve my problem with this 2 in 1 product.

It’s an improved formula that efficiently removes all non long-lasting face and eye make-up i.e. for water proof make up you may have to face a little problem. Also, be kind to your delicate eye area. Regarding water proof make up, while trying on my water proof eyeliner, I was left with light black / blue stains, it didn’t completely remove it and then I had to use rose water to completely get rid of the stains. This is the only back drop of this product.

After using it, your skin is left feeling soft and refreshed. This transparent water like remover is neither harsh nor greasy. Shake the bottle before using it, mostly 3-4 swipes works the magic if you have not on water proof make up.

Price is reasonable.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nioxin: Product Review

Hello People!

In my last post I had told ya all about my day at "Nalini and Yasmin" in Nioxin Pampering.

Story After that

I got Nioxin - The 3 part system home and became my alternate regime. As promised to Natasha, I have been now using it for past 20 days (every alternate day).

Apply Cleanse, massage, mostly in affected area. After a waiting period of 1 min, rinse it off. One time wash is ok if you using it everyday but since I was using Nioxing every alternate day, washing twice was necessary.

Also no oiling or oil massage while you are using Nioxin.

After cleansing, you gotta do scalp therapy that is conditioning. After applying conditioner waiting period is about 3 - 4 min. Then rinse it.

Scalp treatment is the final stage of the 3 system mantra. Towel dry hair and then spray the the smallest in the Nioxin Family on your scalp.

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Live In Concert

Nothing can be more rejuvenating than a beautiful musical night. Phoenix Market City Kurla was the host to that great night - "Live in Concert of Rekha Bharadwaj".

Front row VVIP seat, friends accompanying, drinks to cheers and shaking legs to the music, I could not ask for any more.

Concert started at 19:30 hrs sharp as promised. First performance was by none other that Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L'il champ Varenyam Pandya. I must say, he is a chota packet bada dhamaka, a real power house. He sang some old songs, his voice mesmerizing and performance captivating. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nioxin pampering!

You cannot say no to pampering. When i got an invitation from the “Nalini and Yasmin”, courtesy Blogadda, I could not say no. I along with a few blogger friends went to this celebrity salon at Bandra around afternoon. Nonetheless we were welcomed warmly by chirpy Natasha, who handles the salon. She gave us little insight of her work and salon before heading to the hair saga.

Drinks were served in between, so were the snacks. Place was cosy and all beautiful bloggers were enjoying the session. After Natasha, the representative of P&G came forward to take us through the story of Nioxin, the hair product for which we all were there.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Ping Pay Karo: App Review

I recently got an invite from Axis Bank, courtesy Blogadda for a meet with the Geek team and the marketing guys of Axis Bank to chat over coffee for their newly launched "Ping Pay Karo", a mobile app.

Ping Pay Karo is that mobile app which simplifies life of every mango people. Money transfer with lots of fun, nothing tedious and hassle free transactions.

The day started on the same note. Yummy breakfast, chai, kofi and sandwiches. Nonetheless, Axis Bank corporate office is just so awesome. 

When we entered the conference hall, we were welcomed by the Geek team of Axis Bank who first gave us a brief introduction of their team and then started with Ping Pay Karo techno drama. All the participants were curious to know that what is this #PingPayKaro exactly. I won't, keep you, in suspense anymore, here is Ping Pay Karo for you.



A multi social payment app by Axis Bank, a first of its kind app in India. Just ping, ask for and send money to any one on your friend list from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, email or Phone book. Its the only banking social payment application, allowing users to share digital content like text, audio, video and images while making any transaction.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Giordani Gold - Nail Polish Review

I love 3 things in cosmetics / beauty products; perfume / body mist, lipstick, eyeliner and nail polish and love to have the collection in these 4 areas.

Recently I got a nail polish from Oriflame; from the Giordani Gold Nails collection. It’s Giordani Gold Lacque Brilliance – Pearly Nude.

I already had nail polish shades in pink, red, white and silver, also had that transparent / natural shade but never the nude one. 

Fair & Lovely "BB Cream": Product Review and Look Challenge

A Sunday well spent, the day when I was first introduced to Fair & Lovely BB Cream. Rejuvenating experience.


Fair & Lovely have always been associated with creams and the "fairness". I still remember, I was in school when it was first introduced. That time it was only a fairness cream but now has branched out. 

Recently, when Fair & Lovely joined the wagon of other creams and came up with its own "BB Cream" I was curious. I was wondering what is the difference, how it will swirl the world when so many BB creams are already available? But as they say first look is important, how you present yourself and stand out.

What caught my eyes was the "Rose Gold" packaging and 3D effect on the cover. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Foot Care with Oriflame

Beautiful face, soft skin, no blemish, clean and clear. We always target this. 

Our daily ritual includes face wash, moisturizer, sun block, night cream etc. etc. But have we ever give so much attention to our feet. Feet are the most neglected part of our body, mostly.

Well, I have grown up with the advice that always take care of your feet the most. It does a lot for you, from taking care of your weight to take you where your heart desire. SO, its our duty to take care of them too.

To add, beautiful feet actually enhance your sex appeal. People usually judge you with your feet and shoes of course.

Recently I came across this relaxing pedicure set by Oriflame and believe me it’s a life saver.