Health On The Go

Health, the overall condition of an organism at a given time. This is a simple dictionary meaning and we all measure health with the soundness of body and mind; how much we are able cope with challenges shows how good our health is.

This is a month of health "November, the world health month". So I thought why not dedicate a post on it. After all, the mantra of today's generation is health. Every second person is either a health / fitness freak or hopelessly careless; yes the poles apart characteristics but our world has both kind of people. But still if you ask, deep down all want that toned body, good health, sound mind and capability to fight and overcome any challenge.
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Achieving good health not only depends upon the advancement or improvement in the Health science or by medication but more than anything it depends a lot on our own lifestyle choices. There are two categories to it; active and passive. Active implies the habits which we practice and passive are those which is the consequence of others activities or globally effect.

Keeping all these in mind and how important health and lifestyle choices have become it struck me one day that why not talk about health everyday on my twitter account. We are socially active people. Gen Y is mostly on mobile, every second person is on twitter and it does influence a great population. So, I contacted Jessica one day to contribute wimme in this month of health to spread awareness on the same.

We would request you to join the wagon and contribute, share and spread awareness. Our motive is to reach the mass population. 

I am also going to talk health on my Monday's travel chat i.e. #MeAndMySuitcase and Jessica is joining me as co host for the same. It is great to have her on board as co host and would be great to have you all too sharing tips and trips. Join us on Monday, November 9, 2015 at (10pm IST / 11:30 am ET / 5:30 pm CET / 4.30 pm GMT). We are talking about "maintaining health on the go".

A peep in to Monday's Questions:

Q1: Prevention is better than cure. What do you do to remain healthy on the go? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q2: If you (unfortunately) happen to get sick while traveling, what should you do? Share your experience(s) and tips. #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q3: What medicines and other (health-related) products are typically in your travel kit? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q4: What's in routine remains in routine even when you are traveling? Share that one health regime. #MeAndMySuitcase

Q5: Share a food dish you discovered while traveling that is considered healthy. Tell us about it. Got a photo? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q6: Have you ever picked up health tips on the road that you’ve incorporated back into your life at home? #MeAndMySuitcase

So, I bid adieu to all with the message "Be Healthy Keep Health". See ya all on Monday.