With my bestie #OurSketch

It’s never about the time period, but about the moments spent together which make that relation, the relation of lifetime. One such beautiful togetherness is Friendship.

You may have been best friends since childhood as we call it chaddi buddies or may have known each other from just past a few years, but always feel a bond offorever and for always as BFF (Best Friend Forever). Well, yeah it does feel like you are together since your previous lives; whether you were human, monkey, elephant or alien. 

“Best Friendship” sounds so soulful; it is about Celebration “kuch meetha ho jaye” every time you think about each other when you are apart or swimming in the Chocolate Cake when you are together.

People say Best Friend is one who may forget your birthday but will never leave your side during your bad times. WRONG!! Their presence equally matters during good times. Best friend is one who not only be helping you move a dead body but will also be there havingjalsa together. Making each other feel special is part of the game. Good Friendships aren’t always easy. But it’s worth the effort to have that one person you can always be stupid with.

Different people, different views. There’s friends then there’s best friends. There’s a difference. What makes that difference? Let’s check it out –
Whom you can rely on, your confidante.
The one who keeps blackmailing you for your dark secrets but will never harm you with them 
Who not only understands the hurt behind your smile but will also be ready with the shovel to ground the murderer of that grin 
One who share the madness you live with and call that hysteria the fun state of mind. 

But there are five basic things which if you don’t know about your “partner in crime”, you don’t qualify being called BFF.

1. What’s in the name?
What is your BFF’s full name 
What’s is your BFF’s parents and siblings name 

2. Who’s who?
Their Crushes
The big thick journal of their dark secrets 

3. I’m hungry.
Their favourite ice cream and the flavour
The food they love 

4. It’s all about entertainment.
Their favourite movie and music 
Their hobbies / interests 
Favourite Sport

5. You & your Best Friend Forever.
According to your BFF, what would be their favourite quality in you and in them 
What would your BFF admire the most in you & in themselves 

It’s knowing all about your best friend and loving them anyway. They say time changes and best friends may move apart; but never let your best friend become a stranger. The biggest mistake ever you can make is to drift from someone you once had the time of your life with.

Know it now, feel it and cherish it forever; because there is nothing more valuable than having someone in your life that reminds you of who you are the half cracked egg!! 

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