Independence. Really?

We are in 69th Independence day. Ain't we? Really!?

Do we really celebrate Independence or is it just because we have to celebrate the day, kyunki saalon se aisa karte aa rahe hain!?

Are we really living in a free country, have we really got independence? I ask myself and want you all to ask yourselves!

I eat as I wish, sleep, work, travel and do whatever I like and as I please. But is that the real freedom?

Do I live in a clean country? And by clean I don't mean just the cleanliness or the #SwachBharatAbhiyan but cleanliness in principle. Clean government, clean mind of people, clean system.
Corruption 's the root cause of every second problem. Be it reservations, getting that job, not keeping our surrounding clean, fighting over wrong stuff just to satisfy our ego, walking free out of jail in spite of being a criminal, greed and most of all trying to preach others something or the other without actually following it ourselves. Yes, we do that every time, pin pointing each other, the government, the people around. 

We need to Introspect, to try & understand the real meaning of Independence and once enlightened you 'll feel free for real. 
Like that flying bird, moving river, blooming flower and constant prayer; which know no bounds but only love, care and a sense of Independence and happiness. You 'll feel Unstoppable.

The true meaning of freedom lies in being happy first because when you are happy and satisfied you will be able to make others happy. That happiness is in purity of thoughts and deeds. Achieve that and then only you 'll be able to enjoy our country's independence in true sense.

Happy Independence Day.

P.S. So are you truly enjoying your independence and living in a free country!?