Need For Speed

"Need For Speed" is the mantra of today. Be it young or old, everyone has a smartphone and is on internet for some or the other reason, choices ranging from twitter to facebook to instagram to google search. These are on the go apps, use as you walk, talk, listen or watch. But what about other stuff which you rely on internet for, like downloading movies and music, do video chat etc? We have to usually sit down patiently to get the out put or sleep with internet on for the downloading stuff over night or simply curse the internet when you are to download something, courtesy bad internet (happens mostly in my case), One need super fast internet for such stuff.

I am the kid before millennium year and have seen it all, TV with only Doordarshan, then the welcoming entry of Cable, phones with long queue for making those STD calls, Dial up internet, basic mobile phones, smart phones with internet, 2G, 3G and now 4G. Did I miss anything? Don't kill me :P

I have grown up seeing very interesting changes in the tech world and I am proud of it, because with every change the tech world had something better for us.

Today I am using my smartphone with internet 2G and sometimes 3G and as far as I am concerned, my internet work-ability is like shunya. I am sometimes not even able to see updates on twitter or download any pictures and video streaming is a dream. Grrrr! 

Being a travel lover, participating in twitter travel chats all the time, a music lover, a constant surfer and a blogger, I want internet to run 24 x 7, whether I am on train (Mumbai Local, you can imagine), in office tower or at home on my couch. But this never happens which leaves me annoyed. I miss a lot on daily updates, can't utilize my free time during daily commute in writing or browsing internet or listening to live music online or watching videos on youtube. 

But with the release of Airtel 4G, need for speed is fulfilled. You might have seen the new advertisement of Airtel 4G, if not check below:

One of the largest telecom service provider in India and the first among the lot to come up with "The Fastest Network Ever". With the nationwide roll out across 296 cities, I am sure its gonna take the country by storm.

To add to that you need not worry about the extra cost because Airtel 4G is available at 3G prices, cool isn't it? Also, getting it is just a tweet away, just type in with #GetAirtel4G and half of your work is done. The other half is the hassle free delivery of your very own Airtel 4G sim at your door step and that too bilkul muft! Hai na laajawaab!?

No more waiting, keep rocking.

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