Sunday, February 26, 2017

A page from a girl's life

Life is a journey as they say, first station being the place where we are born or it starts may be much before that. We don't know where we are born or what we are born into till we reach up to a certain age. Also, it lot depends upon the kind of environment we are living in that decides on the kind of journey we are going to lead before reaching the final destination.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Child in Me: A fun-filled Indiblogger event

It was that time again when Indiblogger was having a Bloggers Meet in Mumbai. It was happening after a long time and I was excited, more for the fact that it was in collaboration with Berger Paints India.

Paints, colours, imagination and creativity

Life is boring without colours so is a house. Without right colours and energy a house can look empty and dull. 
When we hear about colours and painting, we get excited, the kid in us comes back kicking and the creativity streak already starts painting the town red. But to paint a house, as interesting as it sounds, is no easy business. It involves a lot of time, energy and pain. Today, no one has that time and want their things to be done pretty fast and without any hassles. This indiblogger meet was all about that, getting the child in us back; let us imagine & paint and change the way we paint our home.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mini shades: Nail polishes

Its got to be the best nail shade I have used till date. 

I had always been search of a nude shade and finally my search was complete when I got my "Pure Colour Nail Polish Mini - Trendy Nude". It is not only the shade which is amazing but the feel and life as well.

I applied 2 coats which lived for more than 2 weeks. You can keep it light or dark as per your choice and accordingly apply that many coats.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Fascinating Lucknow: My Mission

It was time to end that troll. All these years my leg was pulled and jokes were made by my friends because being a Lucknownite I had never seen the "City of Nawabs" completely until Dec'2016; it was shocking for everyone who heard that I had never explored Lucknow. 

Yes, I was born in Lucknow, but I have never lived there except for spending my Summer / Winter holidays during school. My excuse for not able to see the city was extreme weather conditions whenever I visited. 

In my heart I always longed to explore my city like a tourist but just couldn't. So I had made it my life's mission to see Lucknow from a tourist's eyes one day.

Tickets were booked and I boarded the train, still apprehensive if I will be able to see Lucknow. I was praying to God that I shall not fall sick and no such thing shall happen which will bar me from accomplishing my mission. In short, my plea was; God! No drama this time.

I reached my city the next day in evening and my itinerary was ready to pop out of my bag and run across the roads of Lucknow. The next day started with a bang. It was a cold morning, so hot cuppa was a must. I started the day with delightful chai, I left home with heavy dose of typical naashta (breakfast) of Lucknow; samosa, jalebi and chai again. 

There's no dearth of food corners, thelas (food stalls) and up scale restaurants. In Lucknow you will never be empty stomach, courtesy, food at every nook and corner. 

I spent two fruitful days travelling and exploring the city like a newbie. Here is a peep in to "my two days of Lucknow's food, history and culture".

Friday, February 03, 2017

The Valley of Moon - Wadi Rum

A place with contrasting temperature, Wadi Rum has been a muse to many. Famous Hollywood movies like Martian, Lawrence of Arabia, and Transformers have been shot here. It is also known as Valley of Moon for its strange, out-worldly and alien appearance and was declared a protected area in 1998.

When I reached Wadi Rum, the feeling was nothing less than arriving on the sets of Arabian Nights; the land of magic, eccentricity, love, betrayal, promise & mystery.

The sand dunes by the hot day, beautiful sunset and finally the night of thousand stars make Wadi Rum a picturesque destination. As soon as our troop arrived, making our way through the Visitor Centre we hopped on our Jeeps for Dune Bashing but not before witnessing the great “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, an autobiographical work of T E Lawrence. He did not mention about this mountain but took the title from the Book of Proverbs (9:1): “Wisdom has built a house; she has hewn out her seven pillars”. In fact the local bedouin referred to this mountain as Jabal al-Mazmar ages back, but now it’s famously known as “Seven Pillars”.

Jabal-al-Mazmar, Jordan