Child in Me: A fun-filled Indiblogger event

It was that time again when Indiblogger was having a Bloggers Meet in Mumbai. It was happening after a long time and I was excited, more for the fact that it was in collaboration with Berger Paints India.

Paints, colours, imagination and creativity

Life is boring without colours so is a house. Without right colours and energy a house can look empty and dull. 
When we hear about colours and painting, we get excited, the kid in us comes back kicking and the creativity streak already starts painting the town red. But to paint a house, as interesting as it sounds, is no easy business. It involves a lot of time, energy and pain. Today, no one has that time and want their things to be done pretty fast and without any hassles. This indiblogger meet was all about that, getting the child in us back; let us imagine & paint and change the way we paint our home.

The Icebreaker

Indiblogger team is known for that, when you enter you may be knowing 2-3 people but when you leave, you already know five more. That's the beauty of these meets. As we came, we were asked to register and then followed by a great lunch and clicking some cool pics at Berger XP stand we came to the Banquet Hall where the event for the rest of the day was planned. The event happened at Taj Vivanta.

Musical Chair with a twist. PC: Indiblogger

We started with moment of fame for the new entrants where they were asked to introduce themselves and then we got gearing. Anoop, the guy behind keeping everyone entertained in every indimeet  by way of his hosting the event asked all of us to stand up then. It was time for musical chair but with a twist. We were asked to first run on one leg, then dance etc etc. It was fun to watch actually as I along with a few more bloggers got out first. This activity helped us losing our inhibitions.

The ones who lost :(  PC: Indiblogger

Let's get working

After this fun game we were then divided into teams of 9. Sanding was the next activity lined up. A white board, lot of dust and sand paper. We donned our doctor kinda look; gloves and mask and started sanding; gissing and ghissing. Finally, after a mehnat of 23 seconds, the board was clean and we were impressed by our efforts.

PC: Indiblogger

The Talk

Then came the real deal. Mr. Chandranath Banerjee from Berger XP came on stage and took us through the history, civics and geography of Berger Paints quite literally.

Did you know?
  • Berger is in existence since 1760 - hmm! what was I in my last life? Was I Louis Berger who discovered Persian Blue colour?
  • Berger comes under Unique 7 companies, the unusual billionaires
  • Berger Express painting is first of its kind which with the help of cool Home Painting tools make your life easy with painting the house and in much less time (time saving by 40-50%)
  • Berger has taken the initiative to train local painters to get this work more fun and hassle free
  • Some great concepts by Berger paints:
    • Illusions
    • Easy clean
    • Weather coat - all guard
    • Express painting
    • Innovation in style
  • They also have great loyalty programmes
Let's Paint the town Red

Berger paints is all about innovation in style. So after the talk we were also asked to get innovative. Each team were given 2 topics, viz. Mumbai Meri Jaan and Go Green and we were asked to paint. My team chose Mumbai Meri Jaan. After a lot of brain storming we came up with the idea of how we gonna fill the blank canvas with beautiful colours.

PC: Indiblogger

We were then given a demo on how to mix Berger Paint colours and use them. With the directions and so many colours in hand we started with sketching, followed by painting. A glimpse of our efforts and the final out come.

PC: Indiblogger

PC: Indiblogger

We did not win but it was a satisfying activity. I indulged in painting after a long time and I had a good time. All credits goes to Indiblogger team. It was fun getting little bit colour on myself too. A little colour on my face and hands reminded me of my childhood. It felt like I travelled back in time for some time. 

The paintings of the eve by different teams

Hud Hud Moment

PC: Indiblogger

It was time to bid farewell to fellow bloggers but not before patent hud hud moment on stage and a group picture. It was indeed a "Faster Cleaner and Better" yet COLORFUL experience ;)

P.S. All picture and video/s are taken by me except otherwise mentioned.