Mini shades: Nail polishes

Its got to be the best nail shade I have used till date. 

I had always been search of a nude shade and finally my search was complete when I got my "Pure Colour Nail Polish Mini - Trendy Nude". It is not only the shade which is amazing but the feel and life as well.

I applied 2 coats which lived for more than 2 weeks. You can keep it light or dark as per your choice and accordingly apply that many coats.

It smells great too.

You can go for either this if you like something subtle or choose from the other 14 shades. The Mini format comes in 6 ml bottle and is good to carry in your purse. It is all about Pure Colour, Pure Value.

Pros & Cons
According to me this nail polish is all about pros and no cons. In fact, as it remains for long time you may consider as a con as you may not get to wear another shade soon. 

Jokes apart, this one is one cool - long lasting product by Oriflame.

Great Format --> Mini Format --> Mini Price. Its just Rs.135 per bottle.

Totally Cool!