Saturday, March 28, 2015


Hmm… So you’re getting ready for an exciting outing or is it just to break the daily pattern of you? But whatever is the reason, a makeover can help you feel special and more attractive. Not only for others, but for yourself too. You have many hidden attributes inside you, which come out with time. Makeover gives this chance to explore this hidden self of you.

The word “makeover” is hyped with an overall beauty treatment via salons, spas and stores, with a hoot of people dedicated towards you to enhance your looks by bringing drastic changes from your hairstyle to eye colour to sometimes even cosmetic surgeries, if required. This is not only time consuming but hell lotta money consuming too. But here we will talk about to bring a change in you in less time and very little money spent, while at the same time bring the best in you. In hurry? Check this out.

The You.

How do you look now? Have a picture preserved. Never forget your present self in a need to get a new look. Before and after pictures are always helpful to know the path of change. You neither have to go over the board nor hide anything while getting a makeover. Just be yourself.

The Face.
Exfoliate your skin to get your face feeling clean and prepared for your makeup. Apply concealer to hide blemishes and make the skin on your face look even. Select a colour that is close to your skin tone. Choose the right shade for blush, eye shadow and lipstick all according to your skin colour and the outfit you will be wearing. You can refer to the books and magazines, for makeup and styling tips. Try different ways, experiment and then finalize.

The Hairs.
Whether long locks or short and pretty, hairs are the best to flaunt. Change the way you style your hair which can make you look and feel different. If your hair is straight you can curl it, and if your hair is naturally curly, straighten it out with a flat iron. And if you don’t wanna do that, just tie them in different ways that work well with your face and hair type.

The Outfit. 
It’s your wardrobe, check it out; if you have the desired clothes or you wanna buy some new stuff. Make a list of what you want, and work on it. Go for the clothes which make you feel confident, cool and comfortable and nevertheless sexy.

Right footwear is a part of you. It shows what you are inside out, reveals your true personality. Always choose smart.

The New You. 
Click a picture of a new you. With your new hair, make up and attire. Save it now, for the reference later. And enjoy with the right attitude!!

Attitude is the most important and best part of the any makeover. Be confident and chillax!!!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

दिल की देहलीज़ (Dil ki dehleez)

बारिश  की  नन्ही  बूंदें  या  आँखें  भीनी  हो  गयी  हैं,
बादल  छटने  लगे  या  यह  नए  दिन  के  इशारे  हैं !

मौसम  हो  रहा  खुश  गवार  या  सिर्फ  एक  नयी  सोच  है,
मन  में  बढ़ती  उमंग  या  यह  किसी  को  हमारी  खोज  है !!

~ स्तुति 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stones and Bricks of a Digital Dream


A convenient e-bridge between Government of India and Indian citizen is Digital India. In simple terms transparency in the system at the click of your mouse, less paperwork and more convenience. It is an ambitious programme of GoI (Government of India) projected at Rs.1.13 Lakh Crore to prepare India for a knowledge future.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#MeAndMySuitcase Twitter travel chat dated 18.03.2015

#MeAndMySuitcase travel chat
Questions for 18.03.2015

This week our topic is “#IAmThatTraveler” with special guest @WanderlustGirl_ and @Twisted_Curly

Q.1 What kind of traveler are you and why? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q2. What is that one thing you love in being a traveler? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q3. Do you prefer spontaneous or planned trips? Share a pic! #MeAndMysuitcase

Q4. What kind of a trip do you enjoy more: Solo or Group? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q5. Do you crave adventure or culture? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q6. Are you a bit of an escapist? Tell us that moment when you turned from a tourist to a traveler! #MeAndMysuitcase

Friday, March 13, 2015

Lets Try Something New: #StartANewLife

Move out of your comfort zone, do something larger than life, kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai, blah blah blah! We all have heard this or have said this at some point of time. But have we really taken that one bold step which made a difference in our lives or given it a new meaning?

It's just about that one step with which you can #StartANewLife!

Its my story from a few years back. #MeAndMySuitcase as I popularly call me and my VIP wheeler duo, came from Goa with my dad to the city of dreams, Mumbai for my first day at work. He first took me to my school time friend, Deepti, who was in Mumbai at that time to keep my luggage and then dropped me at my office. But after that he left for his office trip. What remained was the anxious me and a strange - new city. 

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

#MeAndMySuitcase Twitter travel chat dated 04.03.2015

#MeAndMySuitcase travel chat
Questions for 04.03.2015

This week our topic is “#TravelAndFashion” with special guest @WanderlustGirl_ and @Twisted_Curly

Q.1 What's your personal travel style? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q.2 Tell us 5 essentials in your backpack? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q.3 Tell us about your favorite destination for spotting local fashion? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q.4 Share a fashion tip/style you follow while traveling? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q.5 Comfort or Style. What's your pick while you travel? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q.6 And finally your travel style tip/s you wanna share with all?#MeAndMysuitcase