#MeAndMySuitcase Twitter travel chat dated 18.03.2015

#MeAndMySuitcase travel chat
Questions for 18.03.2015

This week our topic is “#IAmThatTraveler” with special guest @WanderlustGirl_ and @Twisted_Curly

Q.1 What kind of traveler are you and why? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q2. What is that one thing you love in being a traveler? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q3. Do you prefer spontaneous or planned trips? Share a pic! #MeAndMysuitcase

Q4. What kind of a trip do you enjoy more: Solo or Group? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q5. Do you crave adventure or culture? #MeAndMysuitcase

Q6. Are you a bit of an escapist? Tell us that moment when you turned from a tourist to a traveler! #MeAndMysuitcase