Lets Try Something New: #StartANewLife

Move out of your comfort zone, do something larger than life, kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai, blah blah blah! We all have heard this or have said this at some point of time. But have we really taken that one bold step which made a difference in our lives or given it a new meaning?

It's just about that one step with which you can #StartANewLife!

Its my story from a few years back. #MeAndMySuitcase as I popularly call me and my VIP wheeler duo, came from Goa with my dad to the city of dreams, Mumbai for my first day at work. He first took me to my school time friend, Deepti, who was in Mumbai at that time to keep my luggage and then dropped me at my office. But after that he left for his office trip. What remained was the anxious me and a strange - new city. 

I first finished all the formalities of joining at work and then interacted with a few people at office regarding house, hostel, PG etc. Headed to one hostel but no luck, nevertheless I was unaware of roads, areas etc. Also the GPS system was not a big hit back then. Well what I did was, that, on my way I kept inquiring with shopkeepers, auto wallahs, bus conductors for the ways to reach my desired place. My friend was also in touch with me constantly. With this idea I managed to reach my friend's place by evening i.e. from Andheri to Ghatkopar on my own, by using public transport and sometimes on foot. She was amazed too and I was proud, that was definitely an achievement for me. We kept on trying for hostels and PG, I was exploring houses alone and like mad but luck wasn't favouring. Two days passed and I was losing my calm. My parents and friends back in Goa were worried for me. 

They even asked me to leave the job and come back home. They were not able to see me troubled but I had something else in mind. It was that situation which needed a bold step. One decision could have changed the course of my whole life. Finally, I decided not to quit but to face the situation. I know it was big, after all not having a place to stay is not such a good idea. My friend was there but she was already staying as a PG and I needed my own place.

Well my parents had always taught me to be independent since I was a kid which has made me into a tough and confident human being now. I still remember one of my good friends telling me that I love walking on the edge of sword. Oh yes I do, and that's what I love; adventure, keep trying something new and never say no. 

The picture of that day is still clear in my mind when my close buddy was giving that last shot to convince me to come back home and I holding my tears back was constantly saying no.

I did not go back. The very next morning as one would say my fate took a turn, I met a girl named Kopal from my work place and she suggested me a place, where she used to live previously. I went to that place in evening and oh my luck, the place for only one girl was remaining there. I negotiated the deal and shifted the very next day. By god's grace not only my landlady was good, my room mates were great too.

With time Kopal and I became great friends so did I and my room mates (Nandini and Sunita). We are not in same city now but in touch. My job is good too.

I consider it as one of those bold steps I have taken in my life which has earned me some more good friends, more confidence and fearless attitude. Nonetheless my rebellious streak has also earned some applause and I explored not only a new me but places in Mumbai and outside with friends and sometimes solo. I got what I always wanted; #MeAndMySuitcase i.e. living my travel dream, photography, meeting new people just like Housing.com; because when you'll look up, you'll live better.

Watch this and you will know.

Look up, take that step and you might just be there on Cloud no. 9 (Well that reminds me of the song by Bryan Adams!)

With that Tata!!