Tuesday, August 15, 2017

An offbeat trail to Phaltan

Have you ever fancied taking off to a place which you never knew had ever existed? An offbeat trail, somewhere near to the nature yet in the middle of nowhere? If not, this is the time you should try that out. Offbeat places have a sense of mystery around them, which make them appealing and yes exotic. Phaltan is one such place. Ever heard about it? No? Even I had not until last year when my friend told me about his adventurous getaway to Phaltan. I wanted to visit this place since then till I got the chance very recently. 

A fortnight back I was in Phaltan and was hosted by Jakson Inns, India’s first three star LEED GREEN platinum rated hotel. As they say looks can be deceptive and Jakson Inns which sends vibe of being a Business Hotel is in fact much more then that. It also promotes environmental and cultural friendly tourism.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The Demon Hunter of Chottanikkara: Book Review

Chottanikkara, a small village in Kerala was a Land of hardworking villagers, their Amme “Devi”, Ugra, Garuda and demons. Every time the demons came out to disturb the peace of the village, Devi would charge out on her lion, Ugra to free the villagers from those creeps by slaying those demons ruthlessly. She was a warrior and invincible till the beast which was so different and strong, merciless who wouldn't leave a trail came to Chottanikkara, a Brahma Rakshasa. Devi should find another way because this Brahma Rakshasa is not easy to defeat and not in the same way she used to slay other demons. But how shall she get her village and the mankind rid of that new demon?

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The Unspoken Village at LoC

Merely a km away from Pakistan, I saw a mosque with green dome there

It stayed by the River Shingu upright, 

Left me wondering how life would be on the other side.

It was an early morning in the breezy Kargil, only 6 when we started towards the unspoken village "Hunderman". 

11 km from Kargil, the curvaceous roads to the mountains with River Suru (Suru in India originating from Noor Kund glacier, Shingu in Pakistan) at its feet flowing free and unbound with heavy crests and troughs took me by surprise at every turn of road. It was quite a delightful morning for me and I was stuck by a feel of Dejavu. Way back in 2006 I had visited Wagah border and now once again I was going to be so near border, it was surreal and so dream like.