The Demon Hunter of Chottanikkara: Book Review

Chottanikkara, a small village in Kerala was a Land of hardworking villagers, their Amme “Devi”, Ugra, Garuda and demons. Every time the demons came out to disturb the peace of the village, Devi would charge out on her lion, Ugra to free the villagers from those creeps by slaying those demons ruthlessly. She was a warrior and invincible till the beast which was so different and strong, merciless who wouldn't leave a trail came to Chottanikkara, a Brahma Rakshasa. Devi should find another way because this Brahma Rakshasa is not easy to defeat and not in the same way she used to slay other demons. But how shall she get her village and the mankind rid of that new demon?

The Author

The Demon Hunter of Chottanikkara is a supernatural thriller cum horror story by S V Sujatha. This is her debut novel, born out of her love for the Mother Goddess and passion for Indian mythology.

The Review

The Good
Simple English, an easy read. I loved that the protagonist was a female and other strong characters were played by females as well, how many times does that happen?
The companionship of lion “Ugra” and Devi was so well described and so was the relationship between Devi and her father, that was something really beautiful.

The Bad
The story was predictable and not very gripping. Halfway through the book and I wasn't hooked to it and it is only the last 60 to 70 pages that you would not want to leave the book even though the plot was predictable. I did not like the superstition part where Devi would heal someone by her touch, that was something I couldn't digest also that's something which India is trying hard to fight.

The Verdict

I think it would be a good read for kids but not the young adults. Though grandparents shall give it a read and include it in the list of their grandchildren’s bedtime stories. It was less of a novel and more like a folklore, hence little kids will enjoy it.

About the book

Title : The Demon Hunter of Chottanikkara
Author : S. V. Sujatha
Publisher : Aleph
Publication: 2017
Language : English
Pages : 190
Rating : 2.5/5