Saturday, September 19, 2015

Go Kolad

26th July 2015

Early morning alarm rang. What!? Did I really fix it for 4 am? 
"Oh! Its that day." 

The day had come, when I was gonna tick one more activity of my #BucketList.

I got up with excitement, full of enthusiasm; I was going White Water Rafting. I squealed but with zeal, rushed to kitchen to cook my breakfast and got ready to be on time at my pick up point.

My Trip 

There was a group of around 35 to 40 people and I was to be picked up from Kalamboli “Mc Donalds”. I had signed up with the Mask Group for this activity with my 9 friends to enjoy and make some more new friends.

We had breakfast on the way and reached Kolad in around 1.5 hours from my place.

After reaching, we had to sign consent forms followed by an introductory session of all in the group, then a brief on water rafting; on How, What, Do’s and Don’ts, Safety & Precautionary measures, tips etc. We were then given our respective rafting cum safety gears like floaters, helmets, peddles post which we all assembled for a cool pic showing off our newly done avatar.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why JunkkDNA?

Many people after seeing my twitter handle i.e. @JunkkDNA ask me why so? what does it mean? 
junkkDNA o_O?

So to answer them all, I thought why not write a post on that. So here it goes:

Well according to the dictionary Junk DNA means stretches of DNA that do not code for genes, the DNA that constitutes approximately 95% of the human genome.

And on twitter I usually talk about things presently surrounding us, which do not code for genes (things which are passed on from generations to generations) but things which we observe (95% of the actual) and wanna bring about the change to. 

These are like Absolute Truth, which can be defined as reality - what we observe.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Final destination

Train was dragging at a snail’s pace. Kiara looked around, she had no co passengers. Suddenly the train stopped at Rewari.

There came Neeli, blue eyed, blonde girl, company at last Kiara thought. Soon they figured out, both were returning from Bhangarh fort, unfolding its mystery. It was pretty late, both were happy about their research, engrossed in their conversation; soon they fell asleep, ignoring how eerie the train looked.

Kiara got up early morning with a jolt. Neeli was nowhere to be seen, only deserted platform. They had still not reached Delhi.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Paradise Deodorizing Body Spray by Oriflame - A Review

I am in Love again and this time with the Paradise Deodorizing Body Spray by Oriflame. 

The tantalizing fragrance doesn't allow me to buy any other spray. Have already finished two bottles of it now.

It is soft and refreshing. Applying this deodorant makes my day. Its a catchy blend of flowers you will only find in the wild (away from daily hustle bustle) and woods. Defines luxury and blends with your body. 

Sunday, September 06, 2015

#MeAndMySuitcase #ttot dated 07.09.2015

#MeAndMySuitcase #ttot dated 07.09.15

Topic: #TravelHacking with @TTGLOBE4L

Before I post the questions on upcoming travel chat on Monday, I would like to discuss a bit on Travel Hacking.

Hacking means gaining unauthorized access to any kind of system. But in case of Travel, the term "travel hacking" is nothing near unauthorized or illegal. In fact its a science, a smart way of travelling cheap, comfortable with luxury with you at the click of your fingers. 
Travel Hacking is strategically collecting miles and points (reward / travel points) from hotels, airlines etc and using them to travel the world avoiding heavy costs.

Travel Hacking ain't so complicated as it sounds. You have all the tools already and how to utilize is what we need to know to take advantage of frequent flyer programs, credit cards, shopping portals and other reward / travel points.

So this time I am coming up with Anne this Monday (07.09.2015) to talk with you all #TravelHacking, to share tips and suggestions in our weekly #MeAndMySuitcase #ttot.

See you all at 10 pm IST / 12.30 pm EDST. For questions check below -

And we are starting off our journey with Q1. What does 'travel hacking' mean to you? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q2. What's your best tip for redeeming airline or hotel rewards? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q3. Best airline/hotel chain for frequent flyer redemption as per you? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q4. One tip for Indian travellers to use travel hacking & cheap traveling abroad? #MeAndMySuitcase

Q5. What's that one thing about travel hack which fascinates you the most? #MeAndMySuitcase 

Q6. Share your favourite travel hacking experience! #MeAndMySuitcase 

Mumbai Airport on my #WishList

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) formerly known as Sahar International Airport is the one among the best International airports, the second busiest in the country and 47th busiest airport in the world. This Mumbai Airport also one of the charming airports with its newly done International T2 terminal connecting the world with India.

CSIA has five operating terminals and is sprawled over 750 hectares. It handles around 750 aircraft movement per day and also has a record in handling 51 movements in an hour which happened on 16.09.2014. 

CSIA has two passenger terminals; T1 at Santacruz for domestic and T2 at Sahar for international. 

Terminal T1 which is used for domestic flights has 3 adjacent structures A, B and C designated for different airlines and to ferry passengers from terminal to air crafts, several airlines operate BEST owned air conditioned Cerita buses.