Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hari Puttar aur uski toli :P

One eve I was watching a movie from my all time favorite movie series Harry Potter.
My dad always curious about my love for this movie series, that day finally asked me, "why do you like harry potter movies so much?" And I answered him saying its a fantasy movie and i just love it but that wasn't the satisfactory answer, not to me.

It got me really thinking that what is it about HP that I really love, what makes me feel so connected with its characters, what's in the movie that has a good hold on me?

Friendship - forever and for always!!!

Life goes on, Time rolls on and We move on.

You me, we all make friends, Love them and try to Keep them, to eventually lose them someday; to time, to circumstances, to misunderstandings and miss deeds; which shouldn't have happened.

Sometimes you just sit down, look up and question why things went wrong, when and where? Sure enough of not getting the correct answer; you sarcastically smile at yourself and your life without your lovely friend, with tears in your eyes from trying to move on in life, leaving what has already been left behind. But in heart still wanting to pick up with them where you had left. Well matter of hearts is not easy for even Almighty God to understand.