Hari Puttar aur uski toli :P

One eve I was watching a movie from my all time favorite movie series Harry Potter.
My dad always curious about my love for this movie series, that day finally asked me, "why do you like harry potter movies so much?" And I answered him saying its a fantasy movie and i just love it but that wasn't the satisfactory answer, not to me.

It got me really thinking that what is it about HP that I really love, what makes me feel so connected with its characters, what's in the movie that has a good hold on me?

I really can't ever afford to miss a chance to watch it and any disturbance in between calls for the third world war (have been many in my home between me and my kins :P).

Me and my l'il bro' are the true jodidaar when it comes to this movie, its the only time we watch it with so much love between us, otherwise its always the maar peet which we do with each other :D Mum gets very annoyed with our HP Love, because that makes us forget day and night, food and water and even our kins :P 

But the point is why do I love HP Series so much...dad's question made me think alot.
Well I think it is the Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Friendship and its so wow Characters. But more then that what makes it so special is the reality in its unreality. We all know that this kind of magic doesn't exist, but is it really so? Well curiosity has no end...

As a kid (well not so kid, I was in 11th standard back then), when i saw this movie for the first time and I asked my mum, why these kind of schools are not there. And still in heart I wish to attend one.
The ride on the broom stick, the diagon alley, the game of chess, the spells and on top of everything the magic wand...everything is so fascinating!

The characters Hermoine, Ronald, Harry, Draco, Neville, Prof. Dumbledore, Snape, McGonigle, Dobby, the twins (Fred and George) they are all my favorite. While my love are Hermoine and Ron.
Everything is so fantastic about HP. Wish I could live such life, wish it was all really real and how I wish I had a magic wand.

But as they say, "Whatever you can imagine is actually possible" ...because where your imagination stops, train to my Hogwarts starts :)

Keep thinking. Keep making things happening. Because its just an arm length away!!!


P.S. Howarts is Real, it's Just hidden somewhere under lots of enchantments ;)