Thursday, March 28, 2013


Good - Bad; Bad - Good.
Life's a vicious circle. But sometimes i don't feel it is. Sometimes what we see is nothing but Bad; so much of it that Good tend to lose its importance. Is it really fair to someone, overwhelming bad and negligible good?

As they say "Good will definitely happen, if not now may be later". But i ask, will it really be worth waiting? You need something now and you really deserve it, but if you don't get it now then what is the use?

People say "Whatever happens, happens for good". Really?? Then why that good hurts? Is it really all Real or are we living in a superficial world full of pretenders.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ajnabee Raahein...

Ajnabee Raahon per chal pade jab,
tab Waqt ki kya Fiqar!

Fiqar toh milte un Raahiyon se hai,
jo Chod jaate hain beech Mod per!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

e - GO

EGO - A need for life, if it is in right amount, right way and is rightfully right. Self Esteem is the LOC.
In any relation, the breach of this LOC, not only will bring negativity but will act as a catalyst in the mass destruction of self and relationships.

We feel small in saying sorry, but actually doing so doesn't imply that one has lost or don't have enough courage or have lost the battle of words. Instead it means you respect the relation more. It can be with others or with self. Don't let ego penalize yourself.