Good - Bad; Bad - Good.
Life's a vicious circle. But sometimes i don't feel it is. Sometimes what we see is nothing but Bad; so much of it that Good tend to lose its importance. Is it really fair to someone, overwhelming bad and negligible good?

As they say "Good will definitely happen, if not now may be later". But i ask, will it really be worth waiting? You need something now and you really deserve it, but if you don't get it now then what is the use?

People say "Whatever happens, happens for good". Really?? Then why that good hurts? Is it really all Real or are we living in a superficial world full of pretenders.

But it all boils down to one word and that is Love, the very reason for the existence of any living being. The
foundation for happiness. But does love really exist or we just fool ourselves by saying it does?
Because we are only selfish creatures, it depends on our needs. A Pendulum, which changes with one's need. But yeah it does exist, I agree too. 

There are many aspects to Existence of Love;
You can love someone unconditionally and get the same in return - lucky people!!
You love but don't expect as there could never be something - self realization.
You love only to be taken granted by others, e.g. someone loves you till they are in need of it or may be they did love but eventually fell apart or may be you were just taken for a ride by them but whatever it was at the end of it you just keep wondering what went wrong.. and then there starts legendary waiting period. Waiting for things to get right, you trying to mend things, wanting things to change again etc etc., but does all this really happen? Only God knows (if at all (s)he exists).
People mostly forget what they once believed. They forget what they once thought is still right, only their outlook has changed. 
Things only work when you want them to work, never otherwise. Easy is not the spice of life, you need to change the course to make things happen, to get what you want dil se!! You lose yourself in the process of losing in what you once desired. Realization is not easy but must. Nothing is impossible. But anyways preaching doesn't work, your will does.

The point is never lose yourself in their wrong doings, don't punish yourself for their wrong deeds. You are an individual with an identity. Feeling bad, sad, down etc. is part of life. 
And as they say; Change is inevitable, Time never remains same for everyone. Believe in these words. Cry if you want, scream; just vent out all your negative feelings because Life goes on. Its you who has to decide - whether to go along hand in hand with life or keep mourning. I am neither saying that just forget and forgive and nor that you have to hold it tight; but you just need to see the mirror and think again about the beauty you see in it, the lovely creation by God (yes i believe that (s)he exist). Don't be pendulum to the people around. Let them prove their worth in your beautiful life.
Remember as you sow, so shall you reap. So just keep doing the good and the best will happen. Don't forget the hurt, but not to revenge or for self destruction but use it right for restoration.

Don't try to understand everything, because sometimes it is not meant to be understood, but to be accepted. Tough to digest but this is truth. Realization to the people who have done it all wrong with you may come with time. But frankly it hardly happens. I don't think they will ever understand you or your emotions; you have to understand yourself, love yourself!!

Be your own kind of Beautiful.