Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February -- the month of love!!

February -- the month of love... Really!!???

Well, at least I don't see love around but only hatred, jealousy, fright, fight, terror, envious feelings, people trying to pull others down, cheating, revenge...the list is endless!! 

Here people are scared to compete with themselves, so try to pull others down or push them in the valley of darkness. They are sacred of losing, so try to win over less powerful or those they think are inferiors.

People don't like peace, always in the sight of taking REVENGE; the recent TERROR attack in Hyderabad is the proof. Why can't people just live and let others live!!??? They are not brave or powerful, they are cowards; the most FRIGHTENED ones, those who want to overpower others, possess them, own what is not there own, whether its people or country. Get a life, accept your short comings, try to compete with yourself.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ek Chhand Dosti Ke Naam...

पहले  मिला  करते  थे  रोज़  रोज़;
चेहरों  को  ना  पड़ता  था  खोज !

फिर  रोज़  से  दिन  बने  हफ्ते, महीने  और  फिर  साल  में  एक  बार;
पर  फिर  भी  अटूट  वह  जो  हमेशा  जुड़ी  रहे  through  दिल  के  तार !