February -- the month of love!!

February -- the month of love... Really!!???

Well, at least I don't see love around but only hatred, jealousy, fright, fight, terror, envious feelings, people trying to pull others down, cheating, revenge...the list is endless!! 

Here people are scared to compete with themselves, so try to pull others down or push them in the valley of darkness. They are sacred of losing, so try to win over less powerful or those they think are inferiors.

People don't like peace, always in the sight of taking REVENGE; the recent TERROR attack in Hyderabad is the proof. Why can't people just live and let others live!!??? They are not brave or powerful, they are cowards; the most FRIGHTENED ones, those who want to overpower others, possess them, own what is not there own, whether its people or country. Get a life, accept your short comings, try to compete with yourself.

Why people get jealous of others progress?? Why can't they just streamline there own capabilities? JEALOUSY, HATRED can only help your further deterioration; of values, self respect, individuality. One should channel there energy towards success. Learn from others, don't ENVY them. Don't worry about people who talk behind your back because who do, deserve that place - "BEHIND YOUR BACK".

People CHEAT, take shortcuts to earn, don't respect system, don't respect people. Result - total structural imbalance. Sufferers are there but in the long run the sinner pays. Just remember, "God is there to take revenge on your behalf. So don't worry, Be Barfi."

Human Being is a very complicated creation, mostly OBSESSED with what will happen next and in the worry of future they ignore present. In the worry of problems they tend to ignore people who love them, are there for them; they either don't pay attention or tend to take them for granted and forget that those are human beings too and there is an expiry to everything and a shell period for everyone.

In today's world Relationships have taken a back seat, which is wrong. One should remember that a healthy relationship is the key to a happy and fruitful life. Not all will stand by you, nor the material possessions will, but only your true loved ones. You can fight the battle alone, but a satisfactory win comes when you have your near and dear ones around with their forever-unconditional love. One should never ignore them. IGNORANCE is never a bliss.

It is rightly said that sharing helps; shared joy is double joy and shared sorrow is half sorrow...every problem has a solution and you can solve it, you just need to see the other way around.

A well known quote is "God can't be everywhere so he created Mother", I say, "mother can't be troubled every time so there is another creation called Friend." Friends are born healers, you just need to believe in them. 

One can achieve nothing without maintaining healthy Relationships, whether its with Self, other beings or even between countries. Make friends not foes. Never assume, assumptions are the termites of any relationship.

Bad things happen with everyone, how one respond defines their character. You can either fight yourself, your inner demons or just keep nagging and accusing others; the choice is yours.

WILL is the key word. Strong will power can conquer anything in this world; including your worries, hard wired brain, troubled heart and all the negativity.

As they say, "Where there is a will, there is a Way".
And as I say, "Positive attitude always wins".

Think Best, Better is on the way!!! 

Take a chill pill, its not the end... When God is not listening to you from quite sometime, then it means God is testing your capabilities.

Things will never go against you, if you are right.

Life is shorter than you even think, never loose on what you have, cherish love and life.

Cheers :)