Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Holachef Experience

What's Holachef

Gen Y wants just about everything, good food but also they wanna be fit. Also no body has got much time to cook lunch in the morning to take along to work. The problem is solved by a Mumbai based online curated food delivery service, Holachef. It works with chefs for menu planning, food packing, storage, customer service, quality control, etc. Like many tiffin services we know, Holachef too delivers food to one's doorstep but there is a twist.

Being a foodie I can very well relate to what and why of Holachef. It’s dynamic, crowd managed menu comprises a range of cuisines from Mexican to Middle-Eastern and from Kashmiri to Chettinad. Chefs prepare dishes with fresh ingredients in state-of-the-art kitchens and the menu changes everyday. You can choose in advance and book your order and the time slot when you want it delivered. It's tasty and nutritious, just like home food. Plus, for vegetarians like me there are a lot of options which we usually don't get in restaurants these days which ain't pure veg.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tenderly Promise Eau de Toilette: Review

Tenderly Promise Eau de Toilette by Oriflame

After using Paradise Deodorizing Body Spray by Oriflame for a long time I thought its time to try a Eau de Toilette. The time I set my eyes upon the Tenderly Promise Eau de Toilette, I couldn't take them off. The cute li'l bottle took my heart away. The product description was good enough for me to get it. As the site says, "This elegant fragrance bursts open with a joyful sparkle, while Royal White Lily slowly unfurls at the heart, radiating her glorious creamy scent, before settling into a soft, reassuring caress."

I have been using it for past one month and its amazing. Very light and soft smell which lingers on for long. Just spray a little here and there on your clothes and you will feel fresh whole day. I don't know about lilies but its application makes me feel that I am wearing freshly laundered crisp clothes all day. Yes, it has that effect.