A Brilliant Star turned in to Black Hole too soon

The world is moving forward, its people are going backward.

Sunday afternoon turned out to be dark when I heard about Sushant Sin
gh Rajput. 

No, I wasn't his fan or have watched all his movies but deep down I liked him, may be because he was so relatable (or appeared to be so from whatever I have seen or heard of him). He was literally my age, an engineering student, small town & middle class boy, had a hand written wish-list like many of us have.

Of course I didn't know him personally but from things you see and hear, you start to perceive certain things about a person, I did too and may be because he was so relatable, had a gullible personality and had come so far. Sunday went by when feelings were of sadness but as more hours passed the sadness only increased many folds. I also cried a little and I still have heavy heart as I write this. I never feel so heartbroken for any celebrity except when I did on the demise of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

Sushant Singh Rajput took such a drastic step. Why? The question is like a trap and I am not able to come out of it. A person taking such a step, the reason behind it and why they thought that it was the only solution or what was really going inside their mind is unfathomable.

We may talk about mental health, depression and other issues, we all know what is what but when someone really goes through the pain, the knowledge of these things and what is right or wrong doesn't really matter and I guess may be that is why they take such a step. Only if at that moment someone is there to stop them, things may take a different course.

No matter how much we try and show off being modern, strong and that we stand by what's right but in reality we all are nothing more than a bunch of cowards & hypocrites. How many of us can proudly say that we never bullied anyone or never had fun on behalf of a lost soul or never ever laughed on jokes on race, culture, gender or caste, can we? Hardly a percent or 2, may be. 

I know how it feels to be bullied, but I never cared. As a kid I never liked to walk behind someone following like a herd and grew up with the same principle. I understand how it feels to be left alone for that reason and at the same time how it feels when you finally find people who respect that trait in you. "Set your own rules and follow them, no matter what" is the mantra I always followed and I am glad that I ain't a coward or hypocrite.

All said and done, never make any one miserable, be kind, be honest and learn to laugh on self but others, never ridicule. Learn to be happy and content with what you have achieved without giving a damn about what others talk and think of you. When they talk behind you or try to derogate you, that means they are scared of you.

I know many things I mentioned above are easier said than done but at least try and do them, may be things will change. May be he also did do them but had reached his threshold point, I cannot say what had really triggered him to take this step but I really hope now that wherever he is, he is at peace.

His brilliancy, intelligence has gone too soon. Wish he could achieve all of his dreams on that wish-list, wish he did not die like this, wish somebody had stopped him and fix what's broken inside him.

Sushant Singh Rajput: A Brilliant Star turned in to a Black hole too soon*

I am shook beyond words but guess, In The End it Doesn't Even Matter!

RIP Sushant Singh Rajput


for a brilliant mind like him who had keen interest in science and astrophysics, I couldn't think of a better metaphor than this


  1. More respect for you after reading this ..

    1. Thank you and whoever you're, be kind & be safe.

  2. I read this story and it was so sad. Help and awareness for depression is needed.


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