But more of night

Pink in my eyes,
a reflection of sun rise
Crystal clear water,
is hot red jealous
Because my eyes speak,
more than just words

Baby blue sky,
it's playing another game
Holding the sun,
embracing it a l'il tight
I can see their slow dance,
even with closed eyes

Sun is growing with love,
the colours are in a mix
The sky is in awe turning yellow,
making everything bright
But I'm waiting for,
another delightful sight

It's unconditional,
it's love
A little me, a little you,
will make life
Yellow to pink to purple,
but now it's time for my favorite, night

Let's go dancing, it's time
swept away under the moon light
Admiring with love,
the beauty of you and the night
All day, and all night,
my imagination is running wild

I think and then
I smile
I feel, and i write,
my love in words
You are my day
but more of night.