Between Web 3.0 and NFTs - WAGMI

I love technology and I'm always curious. With the rising wind of "NFTs" in India last year, I got to thinking, NFT आखिर किस चिड़िया का नाम है? (NFT is which bird's name?), what's web 3.0 and why in the god's name, JPEGs are selling for millions? I just couldn't wrap my head around the last one. Millions!!

I wasn't very bullish on the idea of creating NFT (Non Fungible Token) or collecting them but it had definitely piqued my interest as the NFT wind started engulfing the people of India. I got onboard. Started exploring the projects, followed them on twitter and joined their discord channels.

Investigating and exploring (DYOR), the projects which really struck the right chords were women led projects. My first such purchase was "Women and Weapons (WAW)" and now in my NFT collection, I have five from the women led projects and they're Women Rise, Encryptas, World of Women Galaxy and Boss Beauties including WAW. Lease to say I am super proud of my collection. Each of these projects, their mission, collaborations and communities speaks volume. They are doing such great work via web 3.0, and it feels great to be part of them.

I love being part of the web 3.0 wave but it does confuse me at times, there is so much to learn right from web 3.0 vocabulary like Mint, Burn, Ape in, Blockchain, Degen, DYOR, HODL, WAGMI, Floor, Gas, Metaverse, NFT, Paper hands, Reveal, Shill etc. to much more complex side of web 3.0 that's the process, technology, coding and mining, to name a few things which baffles me.

But being in the world of NFTs is one of a kind experience. It's all digital, you cannot touch the art but still feel it. But my advise if you really want in is that invest only that much money, which you are prepared to take risk on, and I mean 'risk of losing it', don't go beyond that amount. Also, DYOR (Do Your Own Research). The reason being all this is still at the nascent stage, volatile, and you really don't know what future holds.

Coming back to my amazing "women led NFT projects' collection", I'm proud to call my own, they not only have good art but a story and direction to do good by not only their community but the mass. Appreciating the same, I have written short poems on them, and on what they mean to me. I want to share them with you too. Here are the links to those poems. I hope you like them.

Now, do not forget to share about what you feel about Web 3.0, NFTs and cryptocurrency in the comments section and do let me know about my NFT collection and the poems dedicated to them in the respective posts.



Junkkdna aka Stuti