Dream Reality Life

Dreams are mine
Reality is mine
My life is mine

I will get angry sometimes
I will be happy sometime
I'm crazy, I'm nice

I take my time
Don't judge me
Coz time is mine

I'm fit, I'm fine
Sunrise and sunset
They're part of my life

You don't get to tell me
What makes a day
What makes a night

I take my decisions
I live in my style
With a sound mind

Flowers or no,
I believe in wellness
I belive in life.

~ @junkkdna


If you have noticed, all three artwork appear same with only slight variations. They represent dream, reality and life respectively. In life nothing is impossible. Dreams can become reality and that's the fact of life. In web 3 language, how virtual things look in real life (IRL). The transition may be difficult and with slight changes but not impossible. Such life keeps you happy, well and bright.

The above artwork and the poem is my entry for the design contest organised by The Clinic NFT. Hope you like it. You can also find my entry on Twitter here: https://bit.ly/36FZvHK