You Dream. You Make it Happen. You Rise. Women Rise.

A few days back "Women Rise NFT" held a 250 words - story writing activity wherein their NFT holders had to write a story on the #WomenRiseNFT they own. I tried my hand at fiction. I didn't win but was happy with my submission.

Here's my 250 words fictional piece. Hope you like it. 

I was lying down, eyes closed, daydreaming. 

Knock knock! 
I opened the door. A young girl was standing in a purple suit and big bubble like helmet. She smelled like the ocean. There was something different about her.

Hello! I said. She smiled and after a brief pause, said, “Hello Stuti.”
How does she know my name?, I wondered. Sensing my predicament, she chuckled and said, I’m a 10 year old you from parallel universe. 
My eyes now wide open with astonishment, spoke to me, How is this possible? Multiverse!

I don’t know you. What’s your name? Where are your parents? Baffled, I threw a number of questions at her.
Unfazed she requested me if she can come inside. I obliged. Are you lost? I enquired and offered her a glass of milk and cookies. 

She said, No! and repeated, I’m you from parallel universe ‘Junkkdna#4704’. Then added, Multiverse is real. I’m aspiring to become a Marine Biologist. I occasionally dress accordingly and go scuba diving. It is fun. I’m getting ready for the future. 
We talked at length. She was funny and lovely.

She had spilled the milk. With that my eyes opened.

Woah! What a dream…
I woke up and saw the unfilled form lying next to me. That night I chose engineering because I always aspired to be one. 

You dream. You make it happen.
You rise. Women rise.

I am a Civil Engineer today, planning my first scuba dive under the ocean.

~ stuti

P.S. This piece is WR NFT 766 owned by @junkkdna.