The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania by Bistra Yakimova: Travel Guidebook

Pros and cons of when you're visiting the place, from where and how to choose a stay and how to travel between the places and within the city to explore it, the book covers it all.

The itinerary is pretty detailed, full of anecdotes and personal experiences. I could in fact visualise myself being there as I read the guide book.

Among many things which I liked about the places my friend Bistra visited and captured in her book were the interesting names of things she experienced, for example the transportation (e.g. dala dala, was one of them), villages, forests, beaches and tribes. 

The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania by Bistra Yakimova is a lovely, informative read, a best guide for my trip to Tanzania, whenever it happens. This 10 days itinerary is a must follow with additional information on what else you can do if you supplement your trip with more days. 

You can get the book from here:

Happy planning and traveling!

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