It Was Me: a poem

A young strange girl, came knocking at my door

Smile on face, depth in eyes
Curly hair loose, brows a bit tight 

Question in her mind, I was sure
As she stood quiet

She gazed right into my eyes
I couldn't speak one word, transfixed, I kept quiet 

Spreading her arm, with a paper in right 
Silently I was asked, to bring the words to light

"I am you", it said and I was surprised
Looking back in her eyes, it did not feel alright 

Who was she, I kept asking in my mind 
Without opening my mouth, I searched for the light 

Answer was right in front of me, in her eyes 
Sparkling, questioning and dark like night 

Nonconformist, unconventional, brave like me yet in fright 
She made me realize, what's happening is not right 

Now aware, it is the little me who has come to meet me from my past 
Time traveling with just one question, "what have you done so far"

She finally opened her mouth and showed me what's going around 
"Bring change", she demanded, "else you all will drown"

"Climate change, pandemic, violence & hatred have replaced what was there when you were 9, 
If you don't change your ways you all will die"

She added, "There are many of my kind, time travelling in unrest because future doesn't seem bright" 

"Do something", were her last words before she bid goodbye.
I watched her go, anxious, how do I make things right?

Pledging to do right by her for her future and a life,
I said, "See you soon on the brighter side".


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