Awakening by Stutian eerie feeling of Deja Vu
calm before an apocalypse or after?
I was so confused.

as I kept looking at the sky,
something made a difference
was it bad or good?
I was so confused.

a season was coming to an end
the hemisphere was tilting
we were moving from spring to summer
but who?
I was so confused.

a man-made clock on my wall & 
nature's clock outside my hall
I had not seen sun, rise or set
it's been long, now, I long to go out
but for greater good, should I?
I am so confused.

a mother is hurt, we've hurt her
is it the way she revives 
but a mother never hurt her child
may be it's happening to attain balance
earth is healing or punishing us?
I am so confused.

an evolution is ready to happen
if we don't listen, it'll happen
don't we want it or do we?
may be we do, but is this the way?
I am so confused.

a concept, my favorite since childhood
"Survival of the Fittest" popped in my head
some'll perish, some'll survive, but
do we not mind such an exodus, off earth?
what when we survive?
I am so confused.

as I can't control this doing of Earth or
is it the doing of man on the mankind?
I am so confused.

was it not our choice to live in denial,
do we realize or still continuing in rebuttal?
I am so confused.

another choice, another chance
take it or fall, earth'll not carry no fool
I am not confused, no, not anymore.

AWAKEN & Live!

- a poem in this time of distress by Stuti aka "Me" of "Me and My Suitcase".


  1. Whoa, great take on the chaotic situation. I guess we all need to awaken the positives in the current scenario.

  2. Very well written poem. Yes Earth is both healing and punishing us for our excesses.


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