Smart Revolution starts at Home

Being Smart is the need of the hour. 

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Last year I read in a lot of articles; online and print that India is going to surpass China in population by the year 2030. Ain't it an alarming call? With increase in population, one needs to make a difference, needs to keep up with the new age technology and be smart enough to survive. 

Technology is also not just about easing daily chores but is required to keep us fit as well. With hectic and long working hours, we hardly get any time to socialize and to top it all there is no time left for self. This is so not right but by bringing in a few good changes one can pilot their life from slow to fast, empty to full and boring to happy.

In today's rat-race technology is that one trend which continues to fascinate me every single day. It keeps changing, it is fast paced. It amazes me how a small "smart" brain has the capability to bring a new change for not just one being but the entire world.

"Smart people - Smart devices - Smart life", are like the three wheels of an auto rickshaw - without one wheel a journey doesn't begin.
I have long working hours combine with an equally long time spent in commuting to and fro office. To the surprise of many of my friends and colleagues, 25% of my day is eaten by this daily commute. In the earlier days of my traveling to work most of the time was spent in doing almost nothing, fast forward to now, slowly involving technology in my life has not just made those hours productive but also has brought a twist of smartness to the way I plan my day.  

This is what I did / aim to do.


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There is more to smartphones than just playing games or being on whatsapp sending unnecessary good morning messages (I have 50 unread messages on my whatsapp currently as I write this - which will meet the bin before I hit bed). What I do on my smartphone is:
A. Listen to my favorite music on the Bose "QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II" for music is the best way to de-stress. 
B. The sci-fi crime and comedy series on Netflix / Amazon Prime Play have recently become my companion. There are so many stories, creative work from around the world I get to see on one platform which is unbelievable. They have not just been for entertainment but also for enhancing my creative thinking, communication skills, language and patience (only God knows how long I have waited for the new season of Sherlock Holmes).

The way applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Amazon Music works, is great. They learn from our behaviour, usage, time spent, references, likes and dislikes, all thanks to the advent of the Artificial Intelligence e.g. recognizing a song while sitting in a pub. In fact, the new smartphone on my wish list i.e. Pixel 3 comes loaded with a technology in which if you point its camera at something like a movie poster to get theater listings, actor's bio etc, while window shopping if you happen to point your camera to any product, say shoes, you will get its details right in your camera app, ain't this super smart? Thanks to google lens. 

Then, comes some cool apps which keeps me connected with my peeps. AI also helps in keeping spam at bay, whether it's to screen spam calls and provide real-time transcriptions or spam e-mails; moreover, promotional messages are segregated, so are the updates and social networking messages which means no more wasting time. Smartphone is also a one stop shop and now I can even read eBooks by downloading reading apps.

On top of everything, my smartphone has helped me a great deal in keeping track of my steps. Recently, I walked 50 km walkathon with Oxfam Trailwalker and as a part of preparation I downloaded the app "Pacer" to account for my fitness routine. With smartphone in my pocket, it tracked every single step and made me prepare better. In fact, now I have started walking to and fro office and station before taking train to home. This walk is of 5 km, gets recorded in my smartphone and helps me push further.

Smart bands & Smartwatches

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Considering that I have started walking a lot, walking with smartphone always is not possible. Considering my need and for me to follow a rigorous routine, track steps, calories and even my sleep pattern, I would love to have a "smart wearable" on my wrist. Currently on my wish list is Fitbit Alta HR which is super cute, light and the best part is - it is water resistant. 

Google Home

When it comes to technology if there is one company that I look up to - it is Google. Its products are classy and makes ones' life easy, fun and smart. Google Home has been on my buying list from quite some time. I love its design and how it delivers at one's beck and call (we should strive to be the master of machine and not of fellow living being). Google home is nothing but Hands-free help from the Google Assistant. Right from answers to any of your queries to playing songs at your request or controlling your smart home with just your voice; google home is like chota packet bada dhamaka to help you manage your day.

I am not very keen on cooking, but don't mind cooking something exotic occasionally or some time may be experiment with food by reading up recipes online. Reading recipes on phone while cooking is too much of a hassle but with google home all you have to do is just ask and it will start reciting, easy to understand recipe of your favorite dish. What's even smarter here is that if a masala (spice) is not available with you all just you have to ask for an alternative and google home will have an answer to that too.

Isn't it fun this way?

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Working out to music or just laying down, wanting to listen to a soothing song or the mood is to dance; I just have to ask and Google Home will oblige, no complains, no demands (just like Ranbir Kapoor's character used to say in the movie Ajab Prem ki Ghazab kahani).

Google home is all about controlling your Smart Home with your Smart Voice.

Evolution of technology has significantly changed my life and with more technological additions I can make my life better and smarter. After all, Technology is supposed to make your life easy, so, use it well because it is power and with power comes responsibility

With such power and responsibility we need to shop also responsibly, don't go for fancy international websites or fall prey to cheap replacements/ options. Get smart and #GetFitWithFlipkart and bring #SmartHomeRevolution by making that purchase from Flipkart, a one stop online-shop for everything smart.

Smart Revolution starts at Home.

P.S. All creatives are mine except where the source is mentioned.


  1. I agree With you. Technology has made things much more easier. I want to try Fitbit too. Sounds very useful.

  2. The future is definitely smart. :D
    And walking 5 kms during your commute everyday- that's brilliant Stuti!

  3. I like the part when you compared the Ranbir Kapoor's character with the evolution of technology which has made our life hasslefree for a bit.. Hahah well thought !! Btw yes I do agree future is always bright with smart move. And as technology evolves so should we !


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