MISS Mists by Orifame: Review

Sometimes you want to be happy, enthusiastic and bubbly while there are some days when you just want to relax, be calm and still be classy, Oriflame has touched upon both these aspects and has thus brought two amazing mists to your rescue; Miss Happy and Miss Relax.

Cute little bottles is what you experience first with Happy notes in Orange and Relaxing notes in Purple. These 75 ml plastic bottles are travel bag friendly and best for out station trips; no special care required for these bottles and are best for a carefree journey.

Its soothing appearance got my attention first and the fragrance is beyond doubt mesmerizing. I loved both and they work their magic depending on mood though my favorite is Miss Relax.

Oriflame Claims

Miss Relax

When you want to get into the chilled-out vibe, spray on Miss Relax and feel your cares melt away. This tranquil Floral Green all-over fragrance mist centres around the tranquil purity of Bamboo Sap tinged with a hint of sexiness, which is almost hypnotic. Handbag friendly for on-the-go spritzing.

Miss Happy

When you want to feel good, spray on Miss Happy – a flirty, fun day lies ahead! This sparkling Floral-Fruity-Green fragrance mist has a sunny heart of juicy Mirabelle Plum and a mischievously sexy undertone. Handbag friendly for on-the-go spritzing.

Well I couldn't agree more.

How to use

Spray it on your body in the neck, wrist, behind the ears and waist areas, the fragrance will last longer. Avoid eye contact or spraying on jewelry.

These two chic and subtle mists are presently on top of my shelf of perfumes. Do try them because they are Love, reasonably prized (Rs.599 each), handbag friendly and keeps one happy and relaxed.


  1. Oriflame is one of my daily brands for regular use . I really like each and evry product s . Its really cheap and affordable . Good article

  2. Oriflame products are gaining popularity these days and Rajni use the same products regularly. Hope they keep coming up the great products!


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