Skin Care is of utmost importance - Take Care!

I believe that no matter how much one spend on beauty products to look and feel good that cannot beat hygiene and skin health, the latter ones come first. I don't do make up but do indulge in personal care products. 

Recently, while exploring my favorite brand "Oriflame" 's site, I saw these three variants of Soap Bar under Love Nature Range, got them instantly. Cute packaging and cute shape of bars were not the only things I liked about them, the color of bars complimented the main ingredients of respective variant and they smelled perfect justifying the ingredients in the best possible way. 

I am using Caring Olive Oil & Aloe Vera, while gave my mother and father to use Sensual Rose & Sandalwood and Antibacterial Neem & Basil respectively. We have been using our respective variant from past one week and are really happy with them. They all smell heavenly with the "olive oil & aloe vera" being a heady yet amazing combination and "antibacterial neem & basil" being the subtle one. 

1. Amazing fragrance
2. Makes skin smooth and moisturized
3. It doesn't make skin dry unlike other soap bars
4. Leathers well.

No cons.

It is well priced and the best part is that Oriflame products are not tested on animals. They are very clear in their practices and believe in changing the world with them.

Hope you love my Oriflame collection as and when I showcase them on my website. 

Me and My Suitcase

P.S. The picture(s) are mine & copyright protected. Views are of my own and in no way influenced.


  1. I haven't used Oriflame Soap Bars ever, would love to! Especially for the scent. I also fall under personal care > makeup products.


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