Dystopia - Book Review

The Review

This short read, Dystopia by Manoj V jain is a thought provoking story of five friends who meet as adults many years after they were in school. Their journey through their childhood, their upbringing,  then journey under the guidance of Dystopia and how they react to situations to what they have become today is all reflected in those few hours of their reunion.

Dystopia is nothing but a reflection of what we as adults might have gone through as kids, how our life shapes depending upon how over protective our parents were or careless with our up bringing; how we behaved with others as we grew up and vice versa. 

There is also a hint of mystery about a girl who used to study with those five friends and the story unfolds with secrets of each friend as they open up on that eve.

I must say that its an interesting concept bu story could have been better. It is little predictable and some characters are annoying. Too much smoking in the story did give me cough :)

What Backcover says

Children start their travels in the blissful kingdom of Shambala, a beautiful land, where they are protected and taken care of. They enter Shambala as little infants, trusting their parents and caregivers. The children continue on their journey, skipping along the path till they reach a dark forbidding gate, which like some powerful vacuum sucks them inside and into the next kingdom of Dystopia. I am their guide there and I will oversee their journey in this new land.

In his latest book, Manoj Jain discusses themes of childhood pain, growing up, teenage angst, role identities and parenting.

The story, guided by the spirit of Dystopia, is set in a small dinner party, a reunion among five friends. During the course of the evening, they uncover the source of various past wounds and resolve why a young girl had to kill herself at eighteen.

The Book 

Dystopia is priced at Rs.249 (could have been lower) and I would rate this 146 pages read a 3/5. Its good for parents with young child.

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