Sitanshu: Book Review

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The Review

The Guardians of the Blue Lotus trilogy is Anita Shirodkar's latest literary venture. Set in the fictional and fantasy Old World, the story takes you deep into the intrigue of its geo-political dynamics. Warring clans, doomed monarchies, exemplary courage and lasting friendships are woven into this epic tale, written with the ethos of the Indian mythological heritage. Aryavir and Sitanshu are the first two books of the trilogy.

I had recently shared my views on Aryavir which you can read here. My latest read is Sitanshu which is the second book of the trilogy. After reading Aryavir and Sitanshu, I just can't wait for the third and final book. The ride through the former two books was full of mystery, adventure and showed beauty of relationships and trust. 

Sitanshu starts exactly where Aryavir had left off. Aryavir and Sitanshu marching to the border, Aryavir's meeting with Reva, Escape of Chitrangda and Ahren from enemy clan, Eshaan and Eshwari's stint at the palace, Kesakutas & Jabalis, Garv and Chikoo, every character in this book has an important place. They all define the book and story feels so good. 

Friendship, Love, Hate, Greed, Ego; every emotion is well defined and book gives you insight in to what happens when we let emotions and negativity get better off us. 

It was interesting throughout and I finished the book in just three days. Hope the third and final book releases soon as I can't wait to read what happens next.

What Backcover says

As the divine Blue Lotus Indivara sprouts an ominous red petal, it’s guardians Aryavir and Sitanshu march to the border of Kalipura for a bloody showdown with the Chandraketu King Divyendu. It seems as if the Kamal Akshi Army with its undefeatable long-haired Kesakuta warriors cannot lose a war, but the wily enemies of Kamalkund have diabolical plans that are not written in any rule book. With the evil machinations of the Mayakari Queen Tamasi and wily King Kratu, Aryavir and Sitanshu are facing the battle of their lives.

​With hidden ancient secrets that are known only to the revered Maheshwari Masters, the mythological Old World is about to be plunged into intrigue and danger it’s denizens could never have imagined.

The Book 

Sitanshu is priced at Rs.349 (could have been lower) and I would rate this 316 pages read a 4/5.

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