A day with herbs and nature: Amway

A day with herbs and nature: Amway

Picture Source: Amway.com

Ayurveda is an intricate part of our lives specially in India. As the name suggests, it is an ancient system of life's knowledge / science which was born a thousand years ago. Evolved from the depths of great knowledge about creator and creation, the knowledge i.e. Ayurveda was carried with great pride by our saints and gurus, then passed on from generations to generations.

Ayurveda is a science which is all about natural healing. Very popular hundreds of years ago, not so much in recent past but again gaining popularity with time and sense. Life is a vicious cycle, after all.

About Amway

Nutrilite Traditional Herbal Range

The source of ayurvedic medicines is everything natural and organic and has been adopted by some renowned giants in the market e.g. Amway. As we all know, Amway is heavily in to the consumer products with different segments like Nutrition, Beauty, Personal and Home & Kitchen under one umbrella. Amway has its headquarters in Ada, Michigan, USA and as claimed by them they are one of the largest Direct Selling companies in the world with presence in over 100 countries & territories. Amway is over 59 years old and its innovation and industry-leading R&D has seen more than 1,200 patents granted with another 500 patents pending. Amway has close to 1,000 scientists across 75 R&D and quality assurance laboratories worldwide.

Amway India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amway which offers Indian citizens an unparalleled opportunity to own and operate their own business selling more than 140 distinctive quality consumer products. Established in 1995, Amway India commenced commercial operations in May 1998 and has emerged as the largest Direct Selling FMCG Company. With one of its manufacturing facility located at Nilakottai in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, Amway claims to work organically.

The Magic of Nature

Nutrilite Traditional Herbal Range - new launch

After helping millions of people across the world with its vitamin and dietary supplements, extracted from natural products grown, harvested and processed on own certified organic farms, Nutrilite by Amway has now extended its Nutrition & Wellness product portfolio with the launch of ‘Nutrilite Traditional Herbs’ range. I was recently invited to its launch wherein I not only witnessed their progress and achievements as Mr Khanna took us through the amazing interactive presentation but also indulged in the discussion with the panel. In fact, Dr Joshi's insight in Ayurveda, its importance and how Nutrilite Traditional Herbs' range is inspired from it were quite profound.

Amway Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range is backed by the best of nature and the best of science and it brings together the best of knowledge of Indian traditional wisdom and modern research to offer a comprehensive range of nutraceutical (functional food) product supplements with physiological benefits. e.g. (ae claimed by Amway) Nutrilite Tulsi supports immunity and one pill has extracts of 100 dried tulsi leaves. The other three products in the range are Ashwagandha (supports vitality), Brahmi (supports mental agility), Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki (supports digestion).

The Feel of Amway

The Amway Panel

With all the insight provided by Mr Khanna and Dr Joshi, I was sold to the concept i.e. Amway. I haven't used any of their products before but would like to now. Post Q & A session we were given an amazing hamper by Amway which contained the newly launched Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range. This is my cue to go Am-way. Along with this range the hamper also had amazing personal care products. I have started using them and they are amazing. 

As they say, Amway products are costly and luxurious but definitely good. Well, we can spend a lot on junk food then why not this. Lead a happy and healthy life should be the mantra. 

With that note I will leave the choice to you, either choose to be healthy or whine your whole life.

Disclaimer: As Amway claims, this range is not a medicine but supplement but I would like to add: "Check with your doctor before you start using any supplement". Take Care.

P.S. All pictures are taken by me unless otherwise mentioned.


  1. Amway products are good. My family also uses it. I am happy to see that they use natural traditional Indian ingredients in these products!!

  2. I’ve been using them for long and Amway’s products are great...

  3. Amway is everywhere! Good to see they are blending tradition in the modern times :D

    1. That's true. The best of science and the best of nature.

  4. Nice initiative to introduce natural herbs. I will check these sure

  5. I've been using amway products for a long time. They are expensive but I love them. Amway Nutrilite tradition herbs range look promising. I'd love to try.

    1. You are right. They are very costly but as even I have heard from people, they are pretty good.

  6. I have used Amway beauty products before and I had no complaints. The Nutrilite range with traditional herbs seems good. I thinks its time to try it!


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