Aryavir: Book Review

Guardian of the Blue Lotus - Aryavir is the first book of the trilogy by Anita Shirodkar who has an educational background of Applied Arts and has spent 20 years in advertising and graphic design.

This book "Aryavir" gives you a taste of mythology and legends. It talks about the fictional royal families Kamal Akshis & Chandraketus, the tribe Jabalis and their twisted and mysterious history.

The story has many many characters which have an overwhelming effect as you start reading the book, to remember all the names, from where they come, what they do etc.

The main character as they say is Aryavir but according to me there are many more characters who stand out brilliantly and then there is a white tiger, Aryavir's friend cum bodyguard along with Aryavir's best friend Sitanshu who even change the way he lives just to safeguard Aryavir.

Few chapters down I started liking the book, couldn't wait for the next two books of this trilogy. Nonetheless, one thing I couldn't ignore was a lot of typographical errors and at some places grammatical errors too. The editing was not done properly. I hope they take care in the upcoming books.

Aryavir is priced at Rs.295 (could have been lower) and I would rate this 330 pages read a 3/5.

Happy Reading,
Me and My Suitcase