What's your perfume?

Perfume is a personal magic. It is a first impression and a lasting recollection.

Travel brings back a lot of memories so does the fragrances. When we travel, we tend to associate a place with its aroma while a fragrance back home reminds us about a place we had once visited. Travel, memories and fragrance are inter-related and I love how they play a beautiful part in our lives.

Fragrance can make you day dream about far away places and can even seduce. Can remind you about a crush or may be a long journey on the cruise. It can take you from now to forever, from past to nothing ever, such is its strength. As we travel, the experience clings on to us, similarly, fragrance clings on to the hand that gives flower and that continues. The culture and people of the places we meet and experience on our voyage are like flowers which keep spreading the beauty and happiness of life. 

A scent is much more than a voyage or self indulgence. It is in every element and particle which when comes together forms a big compound, a perfume. It is pure chemistry, when rain pours and touches the ground, it creates "petrichor" and when you are in woods, leaves fall on damp ground, creates a smell which has a calming effect but again every tree has a unique scent. It is like another world, your feelings and surroundings then act as catalyst. It leaves me mesmerized, such a unique and powerful tool is "fragrance" which sets in sub-conscious like memorabilia. 

“A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.”   ― Jeffrey Stepakoff

Fragrance and Feelings are two things which cannot be hidden, they either bring the best in us or the worst. I never used perfumes on daily basis before but as we grow, we learn, experience better things in life and whenever I sprayed a few drops, I felt good. A perfume is not just a tool to mask away the odour you may not want but also is a feel good factor. As a matter of fact perfume helps when you are in pain either physically or emotionally same as the effect of "travel". Since I can't say a happy Au revoir everyday and go travail, I use perfume which reminds me of good times or take me to a particular moment (I call it time travelling!). 

Here's what fragrance means to these amazing travelers & instagrammers:

Nicolette Orlemans | Culture with Travel

Fragrances can transport you from one location to another just by association. Whenever I smell lavender, I instantly think about my childhood travels in France, visiting a friend's family home in the Provence. Citrus reminds me of the beach, and soaking up the sun on careless days. 

Megha Shrimali | The Brown Scooter

Wouldn't we all love to be able to pack a 'fragrance' from our travels? I love how a fragrance has the power to transport you to that exact moment or place. And am talking all kings of fragrance - even of the dampen soil and of waves splashing your feet. 
Personally, I have been using the 'Daydreaming in a hammock' perfume from the Memories collection by Oriflame since a while and simply love its subtleness. 
Ah, a hammock! *already daydreaming*

Sorour Seddighi | The Magic of Hunches

Whenever I walk into any cafe smelling of coffee, I feel myself walking in the busy, beautiful and historic lanes of Marienplatz in Munich, Germany. Coffee has that effect.

Abhinav Singh | A Soul Window

There are certain fragrances I associate with places. Like the smell of Mumbai rains, the rustic smell of Indian villages, the smell of burning junipers in Buddhist places of Nepal, Bhutan and India, the smell of buhur across Dubai or the divine smell in Indian temples. I often travel back to these places for the fragrances they exude! Fragrance evokes sweet memories!

Arti Shah | My Yatra Diary | Rajasthan

Fragrance for me is a lonesome flower smiling in the hills, cauldron of fresh food in the midst of a busy chaotic street, heady vapors of incense in a quiet temple room, mitti ki khushboo (scent of mud) trickling through my window and into the senses, ​so heavenly & enticing my soul.

I love collecting perfumes and if possible from different places; sometimes I buy them while in some cases it is gifted by generous friends. Here are five perfumes from my collection for a little dekko

Alien Eau de Toilette by Thierry Mugler

This one is a very special perfume to me, gifted by my best friend it had traveled to me all the way from Qatar. Irresistibly appealing and out of this world, it has a mysterious appeal to it. The bottle and its color, all so appealing and royal full of rich notes of powerful jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood & mellow white amber. Read more about it and buy here: ALIEN.

Seductive Musk Eau de toilette

As the name suggests its sensual fragrance is seductive and bewitching. Its gorgeously feminine rose, sexy musk and soft cashmeran mix beautifully together and present a scent which lingers on the bearer of this perfume in an unforgettable and intriguing manner. This is my personal favorite. Read more about it and buy here: SEDUCTIVE MUSK.

Green Tea Scent Spray Eau Perfumee Vaporisateur by Elizabeth Arden

Its bewitching, illuminating and very special to me. I bought it on my first visit abroad. Bought from Aqaba, Jordan this spray is energizing, refreshing and uplifting. It's fresh as green tea leaves and revitalizes as sprayed. I love how its fragrance embraces me the whole day. Read more about it and buy here: GREEN TEA SPRAY.

Incognito for Her Eau de Toilette

It is sweet, the recent addition to my perfume collection, this amazingly cute little bottle stores a cocktail of sparkling physalis, embracing the tart but with a sweetness of raspberry and rhubarb and lily of valley. Read more about it and buy here: INCOGNITO FOR HER.


What's in the name but I know just about the brand. Ajmal, is in the market of perfumes from more than 60 years now and has its base in Middle East. It was a gift in an event organised by Tata Tigor in Delhi at 1AQ. There was a perfumery and the Ajmal's representative was gifting us perfume samplers according to our personality in cute little bottles. I got one with subtle fragrance but which could make a statement, don't remember the name though. This fragrance has a very sexy appeal to it with woody perfume note for a bohemian girl. Read more about it and buy here: AJMAL.

I love that a scent can make memories alive.

Au Revoir :)


  1. Very nice blog. Thanks for quoting me. I enjoyed reading others perspective too.

    1. I am glad that you liked it. Thank you for being part of it.

  2. Lovely article on fragrances Stuti, after all what is travel without it? Thanks for the collaboration opportunity, I enjoyed writing mine and reading others take on this!

  3. Such a great fragrance collection! Thank you for making me a part of this :)

  4. For me perfume is the most important things to carry and I cant live without it. A class can be recognised by perfume.I generally use Versace Crystal Noir and Eternity from CK. Apart from these I love Estee Lauder , Giorgio Armani and FCUK friction :P

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