Sassoon Dock Art Project: When art gave an uplift to years old Dock

The Entrance

Sassoon Dock built in 1875 is one of the older docks in Mumbai which is also open to public. Built on reclaimed land by David Sassoon & Co., the dock was owned by the son of David Sassoon, a Baghdadi Jew (leader of Jewish community in Bombay who came from Baghdad). It is also first commercial wet dock in Western India and helped in cotton trade.

For a long time, Sassoon Dock remained forgotten and were the world of Kolis who were happy and sustained in their small land, when recently last year in November, a new campaign by St+art India Foundation in association with Asian Paints gave it a colorful breathe. The whole area was given a colorful uplift, a makeover by various artists from around the world.

St+art India Foundation with the motto "Art for All" had started its project from 11th November 2017 which ran up to 30th December 2017, open to public, go click picture, appreciate!

I went on the very last day, still the line was huge. With a stamp on my wrist I was given the entry. Here are my picks from the day: "When Art Gave An Uplift to Years Old Dock"

The Idea of Smell

History on the Wall

Washroom, Could it be more Creative?

Varuna Vessel by The Yok & Sheryo

Livil created by Olivier Hoelzl, a depiction of Koli women praying

Colorful Passage, a girl admiring dock

View of Dock from roof top

Colorful Streets and Me

PC: Pranali


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P.S. All pictures are taken by me unless otherwise mentioned.


  1. I have been to Bhauchcha Dhakka but not Sasson dock. I hope I visit it on my next trip to Mumbai. Lovely blog.

    1. It was open till 30th December ...I hope it is back again. Thank you 😊

  2. This looks like an interesting backyard oops dockyard in Mumbai !! Another must visit place added while in Amchi Mumbai !

    1. The art project was open till 30th December ...I hope it is back again. But you can definitely visit the dock. Thank you 😊

  3. It feels like Mumbai is getting more beautiful by the day ever since I left the city. Haha. This looks amazing. Also do check the Asalpha slum art. I have been seeing some really nice pictures over the last week.

    1. Yes, I have watched in a video. An initiative by volunteers. They have done a real good job.

  4. Wow! This is really amazing how such an old dock has been transformed into a beautiful work of art. Art breathes life to otherwise lifeless things. Isn't it? Loving the pics. I'll surely visit Sassoon dock whenever I find myself in Mumbai.

  5. Wow, this is really very amazing work to see. Loved the concept (y)


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