Purple morning

Those melting chocolates, the rose petals on the floor,
Happy faces either side, not saying anything but dancing more.

It smells heavenly but something is a miss,
You were hoping that I would give you a kiss.

It's not real, do not feel that way,
I will meet you there, like every other day.

Think about the time we had lived together,
It's not faraway, never so far away.

We ll meet again where life and death is rare.
Heavens calling me, I will wait for you there.

You are free, it's your life, live, it is so rare,
Think fun & have fun, don't lose it away, I care.

Your life is like sun, lighten up everyone around,
But that will happen when you give your heart a noun.


  1. Such beautiful lines accompanied by wonderful pic.

  2. Such a lovely rhyme...You should try ur hands in poetry field if not done so far

    1. I have. Check the "stories & verses" section on my website. Thank you ☺️

  3. You have this hidden talent 😘😘😘😘which I never knew. Beautifully penned by you.great job. Keep going!!!!

  4. Yours words echoes my heart at times . Wonderful words n thoughts

  5. Beauty, beauty, pure beauty! These ain't just the spilled words but a spilled heart ♥ Keep expressing :)

  6. Beautiful lines. I enjoyed reading this. Loved the picture also.


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