Holiday Differently

In today's date and time, travel has become a necessity and in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, "Travel" is climbing up. So many people travel and there are so many travel companies as well who provide various activities and experiences, but, there are common aspects between all of them. If you see, it's become more like a routine, everyone is offering almost same things. To live life happy and contained, one need to do things differently and the same rule applies to Holidays. Unless you Holiday Differently, you won't be satisfied.

With time things change, as they say, change is inevitable. So to cater the need of Generation Y, it is necessary to change the travel and holiday pattern as well. It is all about how you bring the transformation.
Last week, I was part of a small and cozy, interesting and lively Indibloggers meet, the theme was travel. It was also the launch of Sterling's mascot "Rajarex", unveiling of its new logo which is inspired by pinwheel and a peep in to Sterling's new moto "Holiday Differently".

Sterling, a Thomas Cook & Fairfax Company, was when born, India got a fresh new way to holiday and today it has again come up with a new idea where it plans to create experiences one has never had before. Be it Sterling Ooty - a Heritage Trail or Sterling Dindi - a Food and Culture Trail.

You may come across a new side of that same regular place or get to know a place which was never part of your Travelictionary. That's what Sterling now aim for.

Sterling wants you to live your holiday, experience the way you desire but still giving you a package which will be so different. With all the demographic and past, present & future of Travel, the spokesman of Sterling Mr Peshwa took us through a beautiful picturesque "travel" worthy ride.

Needless to say it was a different kind of meet. I had never been part of such small Indibloggers meet and it was fun to meet fellow travelers as well.

In the end I would only say, "Wherever you go becomes a part of you", so, why not Holiday Differently every time to have a better time, to grow and to live life happy!

~ Me And My Suitcase


  1. I never understood how you ladies manage to write so little and get the point across! I wrote a lot up, and it has many paragraphs to covey the points you made with limited effort! Kudos... :)


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