Matheran At A Glance: What to see and where to stay

Hi Friends!

While doing my research on Matheran, I had made two sheets viz. "At a Glance" for the places / spots to cover and on various hotels' location as well. 

I am sure you have already read about my stint at Matheran. If not, click here to know more about the suitcase I brought from Matheran filled with beautiful memories and spooky experiences. Least to mention lot of shopping stuff as well.

What to see

Where to Stay

I am adding a few more hotels which had been suggested by my friends like The Byke & Radha Cottage both of them being suggested by Hitesh while Horseland Hotel was suggested by Stevina. I will add Hiral Residency too where I had stayed and about which you have already read in my Matheran post
To add you can try Usha Ascot as well. A  no no to Adamo which I did not like (checked it while searching for the hotels). About another hotel which is missing from the map i.e. Hope Hall, well it is the haunted one. So choose wisely!

Have a fun stay in Matheran :)


  1. Is it worth visiting in Peak summer?

    1. Mar to may is considered summer in matheran and the Highest temp recorded is 35 deg celcius. I had visited in March and it was okay. Mornings and evenings were pretty cool but afternoons lil warm but bearable. Pre monsoon shall be breezy.
      Do check the Weather/temp before visiting Matheran!


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