What you can do?

In the wake of Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley’s new announcement that it may take 2-4 weeks for the situation to settle, let’s consider a month, people are already getting annoyed and panicky. Even media role have not been very encouraging. Everywhere you would listen either problems or criticism of government. 

I agree that there are issues but we shall try and find some solutions to it. With almost a month at least for things to get right we need to understand that “change brings growth, change brings opportunity”. We should get less jumpy about the problem but jump towards the opportunity it brings along. 

The problem and How to deal with them?

  • First, don’t panic. If you haven’t done anything wrong, there won’t be any problem.
  • Banks are open, they are working overtime and doing their work. Don’t make their life difficult. Just have a little faith in them, even they were clueless like you.

The situations

Long Queues:
  • What bank needs to do?
    • Make separate lines for Bank Customers and the one who are not and sub divide them in to exchange and deposit categories.
    • Senior citizens / people with disability to be attended to specially.
    • Two special counters, other than the usual bank work are needed.
  • What we need to do?
    • It’s all psychological, we can stand in queue for some audition or if we want to meet some celebrity or when you wanna buy that new iphone but getting irritated when it comes to the change like this. Think as “you are making a difference or it’s your way of contributing” and just do it. Because you can’t change the fact that it’s already been done, so it’s better not to crib. Instead channelize that energy and get your money.
    • It takes time so keep some snacks and water in hand. It will help you a great deal. It is by experience, I went to bank for deposit during my office lunch hours and did not estimate the crowd. Did not eat anything, did not take anything, the one hour wait for my turn did ate me a little.
    • Don’t start any negative discussion especially political, it may either hurt someone sentiments or aggravate violence / fight.
    • Be little more patient and calm then you usually are, these are the testing times.
  • Consider it as an opportunity to start to learn to save. The generation of today is more into splurging. So, Gen Y stop spending the big bucks for some time please.
  • Banks are exchanging in to the big pink INR 2000 note, so exchange and use that for your purchases viz. shop the whole month’s grocery so that you don’t have the trouble of giving or getting chutta (change).
  • The INR 100 note which you get from ATM, keep them saved and utilize them judiciously. Think and spend.
  • Try that most of your expenditure is cashless viz. internet banking, credit / debit cards.
  • Go for barter. Suppose you are buying something from a small shop but don’t have change then ask them beforehand if you can help them in some other way like recharging their phone, buying them raashan etc.
  • Stock up especially in small cities where you cant find marts like Big Bazaar, Big Basket etc.
  • If you have little more time and believe in social service, put some stalls of free food specially for under privileged who is in line to get their hard earned money deposited or exchanged.
  • Spread awareness. For under privileged take classes during the weekend or assist those with bank work. Teach them internet banking or help them open an account.
  • The electronic media can be used for good or bad. Rumors are taking turns, some can be right and some can make the present situation even worse. Authenticate before you spread the news further.

If you wanna raise your voice, if you have a problem with the reason behind present situation or you think a better decision should have been taken; analyse, pen down and then get talking. Who knows your proposal may be liked and taken in to account in future. 

Whether the decision taken by present government will curb black money or not, I am not sure. Enough has been said and written. Theories may seem right or wrong but can only be proved once applied in real life. No matter how foolproof the plan is one can never be sure. But the only thing I am sure about is that charity begins at home. 
People who cry the most are usually the culprits. If you think corruption or black money is eating our country then just for once look in your own house and see how many culprits are sitting inside those four walls. Change self, then family and then friends; you will see the difference soon. Just stop breast-beating about things which you ain't tempted by or keep doing. If you cant stop littering, stop talking about how dirty the place is, if you can't stop bribing or corruption of any kind, just stop cribbing about why India is still not developed.

Let’s unite so that situation comes in control and we become a better country.

If you have any suggestions lets discuss it across. Comment and share. 

Think right.
Do right. 
Preach right.


  1. Nice Article. The Best thing is we all Common people taking this step very positive, no matter for us to stand for 5 hours in a queue just for exchanging Rs 4k. 'I know Problem hai but Desh ke liye kuch bhi'
    My suggestion: You should give title to this article is '“change brings growth, change brings opportunity”.
    Keep Writing Bring Change

    1. Thank you But I would like to keep my title. Thank you for your inputs too :)
      Good Day.

  2. Nice article.. everything is mentioned properly.. like problem ppl facin and probable solutions for that..

    1. Thank you. Share ideas if you come across any in future

  3. Superb...simply superb...Nicely written Stuti... I agree people should plan and save 100 rs with them, but they need to spend them too, so as to keep the 100 rs note in circulation...it would lead to shortage of 100 rs denomination leading to more panic. People should understand, that the inconvenience would last only for a few weeks, they should not panic and act responsibly.

    1. Thank you.
      Yes. You are absolutely right. So use it for public transport and purchased from small shops eateries. Coz if i am not wrong the percentage INR 100 Note is less in comparison.

  4. Nice write up Stuti..👍👍👍.. very optimistic approach and very informative on the do's and dont's..Thank you...😊


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