Two Days of Detox and Rejuvenate at NIMBA

Every human being is the author of his own health and disease. Its a great responsibility but not so difficult to treat your body as a temple.   ~ Buddha

Photography by Stuti Shrimali

In the daily hustle bustle called life we forget to take care of our body and its difficult, I agree but not impossible. Today's generation with increase in diseases and that too in a very young age, is now becoming more and more cautious about their health.

With caution comes options, like giving yourself some time on weekends or going for wellness and spiritual travel, eating healthy and not taking work home.

Photography by Stuti Shrimali

Recently, I visited NIMBA, Gujarat's largest healing village, a place for holistic body treatment. NIMBA is the Sanskrit word and comes from Nimbati Syasthyamdati which means "to give good health". So to experience something of that sort, to get a good break and rejuvenate; when I along with other 13 bloggers were invited by Ayurveda Sutra from different parts of the country, I couldn't say no. 

As we entered the NIMBA facility, first thing which takes your heart away is the Buddha sculpture with a fountain, the area is called Buddha Circle and is sure gonna make place in your memory forever, once you see it. I was really overwhelmed by the pratima

Photography by Stuti Shrimali

The two days at NIMBA was a delightful experience, we were given accommodation in Retreat Villas, the 3 BHK cottages and the facilities were no less than as in a hotel but eco-friendly. 

Photography by Stuti Shrimali

My two days in a nutshell

My dincharya was pretty hectic but exciting as it kick started from 04:30 in the morning with a wake up call. I tried getting up, rubbing my eyes and it was already 5. After freshening up in super fast speed, I with my friends left for our first activity of the day, Yogic Shatkriyas which included Jala-Neti and Chakshu kriya (eye wash), good for sinuses and eye sight / eye distressing respectively. This was done under the guidance of Mani Yogi at the Yoga Kendra.

Photography by Stuti Shrimali

Followed by that was Yoga. We all headed to the Yoga Hut which was lit by the dawn of the day. We reached here at around 6 and performed yoga asana and pranayam for around an hour as instructed by Ms Amrita Singh. It helped us channelizing our energy and the sleep did vanish by the time we finished here. Yoga without doubt helps in blood circulation, balancing mind and body and with practice it improves resistance and purifies blood.

Further we went for Hydro-reflexology which was a simple walk on stones in water; hot and cold sections in a circular path. Technically, it is called walk on Hot and Cold Reflexology track. This part was fun, getting pressure on feet and in open area when it was all early breezy morning, the water did its magic.

Photography by Stuti Shrimali

Photography by Stuti Shrimali

It was 07:30 and the most awaited part of the morning; Breakfast. After performing all those early morning activities we were hungry. We reached "Annapurna", the dining area at sharp 07:30 hrs. I must say, NIMBA is quite strict when it comes to their dincharya. The breakfast timing is 07:30 to 08:30, if you reach post 08:30 you may as well not come. NIMBA don't serve tea as in no milk tea, no black tea, nothing but herbal tea. Take it or leave it. Coffee is dream. We had Poha on Day 1, it tasted more like baked poha and herbal tea. Also, you won't be given water in between the meals, so don't bother asking. In a nutshell, NIMBA is more concerned about your wellness then maybe you are.

During the breakfast, doctor came to visit us to give us our schedule of consultation and wellness therapies. We were all given different slots starting with consultation with the doctor who then depending on our body and medical history prescribed us various therapies. 

Photography by Stuti Shrimali

Their is a huge therapy centre where the consulting doctors sit and all the therapies are performed viz. raga, acupuncture, reflexo, physio, cardio, massages, shirodhara, detox, mud therapy, reiki etc. Around 09:30 the consultation followed by the therapies started and with lunch in between we all finished with our respective sessions by 17:30 hrs. I loved the therapies prescribed to me and my therapist was great and attended me very keenly. The only setback was Raga therapy. I had high expectations from it as also otherwise claimed by NIMBA, but not up to the mark. NIMBA can definitely improve in this area but otherwise Day 1 went in full swing and I enjoyed all my sessions.

Post therapies we left for the Annapurna centre for our evening snacks where we all gathered, chit chatted and exchanged our experiences gained over the day. The evening was comparatively free. We all strolled around and relaxed for the rest of the evening gazing at the nature which is beautifully captured within the campus and is NIMBA's essence. 

Photography by Stuti Shrimali

We came back to the dining area at night for our wellness dinner. NIMBA considers that food is medicine and serves with same zeal. Don't expect any spice and food is mostly bland.

We are usually used to things which we shall not do and day 1 at NIMBA had already started to have an effect on me with regards to what I shall do and what I shall shun. I was making a mental note of things that I was already practicing like no water during meals, less salt etc but things like doing yoga / exercise is something I have always been avoiding my whole life. But then I decided that I shall do some once back home.

Post dinner we all left for our respective cottages. I was sharing my cottage with Judy and Ruchika, we chatted for some time before we bid goodnight. It was only 22:00 hrs and I had to force myself to sleep as I am used to sleeping late but then I reminded my self of the wake up call at 04:30 next morning. 

Photography by Judy Morris

Day 2 was more about exploring the campus and its amenities with a few activities in between. Early morning, I along with Judy, Ruchika and Mr. Pradeep left to explore the beautiful NIMBA campus. The area is huge and it houses many facilities which I could not take a look at on Day 1. The birds were chirping, wind was blowing, butterflies all around, water gushing from the fountains, flowers spreading a beautiful aroma, mornings can't be better than this (have a look here). Its a huge property on Ahmedabad - Mehsana highway and is nestled among the trees. Appreciating its beauty, we passed through Gazebo, Rock fountain, many cottages and then went on to exploring the Organic Farm which is spread on 18 acres land. 

Photography by Stuti Shrimali
Its that place which is behind fulfilling the food needs of the guests and staff at NIMBA, a force led by the head supervisor Hari Ram and his assistant Sotta Ram, both reside in the premises while the 7 labours and other farmers live outside the farms. We got talking with Mr Hari Ram who showed us around and gave us a peek in his residential area which comprise of his house, kitchen with a varandah and a cute little hut with a stay option for guest/s. He also gave us an insight on what is grown and how. He told us that among fruits they grow Papaya, Guava, Gooseberry, Pomegranate while Bottle Guard, Coriander, Fenugreek, Spinach, Zucchini etc in vegetables and herbs like Aloveara, Bhramaini, Ecyulaptus and Tulsi to name a few. To grow and maintain them no artificial fertilizers are used but animal manure, farmyard manure, rural and urban compost, green manures, crop residues, forest litter, Tobacco Oil etc.

The breakfast, lunch, dinner; the source of the food that is medicine is the Organic Farm. What's grown here is served.

After exploring farms we went for our breakfast and later explored the library, shopping area, salon, gym, sports / recreational facility, meditation cave, swimming pool etc. Meditation cave was pretty impressive. The swimming pool area is basically for Aquatic Yoga. Some us performed the same, sometime after lunch, again under the guidance of Ms Amrita. It was fun and rejuvenating activity and is advised specially for people with joints pain.

Photography by Stuti Shrimali

We had some time left till the meet and greet session in the evening when Judy and I decided to explore the recreational facility. We played table tennis which was a first time for me and I must say, it was fun.

Photography by Judy Morris
Photo by Stuti Shrimali
Later in evening we headed for the meet and greet session with the people behind NIMBA and some spokespersons who had come from outside. We discussed our experiences and views with the panel which comprised of the CEO of NIMBA, Mr. Jayant Bakodia and Chief Medical Officer, Dr Joy; Mr. Naresh Tarwani from Arvind Mills; Ms. Priyanshi Patel, a Young Entrepreneur and Ms. Komal Kalantry, vice-President, NIMBA who was also the sutradhaar of the session.

At the end we all were given token of thanks. We all bid good byes, wishing all the best to each other. We not only left with a great experience but also some new, good friendships.

Courtesy: Pradeep Chamaria

My two days at NIMBA in a Minute

Video by Stuti Shrimali

P.S. If you are a traveler like me and want to combine your stay at NIMBA with travel around and exploring near by area, you can do that too. For more info and a ready itinerary click here.

You can only experience it yourself. For more pictures click here.

~ Me And My Suitcase


  1. Wonderfully captured the spirit of NIMBA through pictures and words.

  2. I agree with you. Every once in a while we should take a break. I don’t see it as an indulgence but a need for the weary muscles of us urban dwellers. Off late, I have been hearing a lot about Nimba. I am amazed by the variety of services they offer.

    1. Yes. You shall visit it once to experience. In case you need cost details or anything else, drop in a mail. Thank you :)

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